Final Fantasy XVI is “quite action-oriented,” but includes story-focused mode

Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida appeared during the the "Game Hack" corner on the latest episode of Tokyo FM radio show One Morning today, where he briefly discussed the upcoming Final…

-Foxtrot7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I hope this series doesn't turn into some full on hack and slash where it ends up trying to rival DMC or something

Godmars2906d ago

Are you serious?

Sad thing is the franchise could have multiple genre spin offs built on the same theme or world. Which was what they tried to do with Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core, the Tactic titles based around FF1!, yet they kept overcomplicating the stories.

neutralgamer19926d ago (Edited 6d ago )

You do know it's a business and action adventure hack and slash will sell millions while turn based combat games are not as popular and I know their exceptions to the rules

As someone who was new to the series with final fantasy I was happy that final fantasy 7 remake and final fantasy 15 or not turn based and instead of real-time combat but the combat in 15 felt really shallow

CrimsonWing696d ago

What about Persona 5? I’m pretty sure the Final Fantasy brand would do just as well if not better even being turn-based.

TheColbertinator6d ago

Or Pokemon. Turn based and still sells by the truckload. Same with Dragon Quest in Japan.

Gaming4Life19816d ago

For rpgs turn based is still king.

TwinsUltra646d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Octopath traveler was a success the same for Persona 5. You clearly are the classic "[insert old school design here] wont sell".

neutralgamer19926d ago

What about it? Sold 3+ million that's great but FF15 sold that amount at launch. Y'all bringing one one or 2 exceptions but fact of the matter is selling hack and slash action adventure rpg are much easier to sell than turned based

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Frodosmugins6d ago

There's nothing new they can do for the battle system.
Gimme turn based any day but not in these modern times it's impossible.
FF7R battle system is a good balance in between imo

andy856d ago

To be honest it's not at all. Persona 5 sold a load of copies and it's a less known series. Dragon Quest, Yakuza switched to turn based and reviewed and sold well. Problem is everything is turned into a hack and slash these days and some games suffer because of it. There hasn't really been an amazing FF title since they switched from turn based, it speaks volumes.

MeteorPanda6d ago

ppl will bitch regardless. i loved the flow of ff7r, imagine rvery fight they stood still glari g at the enemy...fuck that. now theres aoe, its actually adding more to turn baded

NapalmSanctuary6d ago

FF7R's battle system bores the crap out of me

RedPigdoom6d ago

@andy85 "Hasn't been an amazing FF title since they switched from turn based" Yeah, no, yeah no..stop making things up.

P5 didn't sell that much. Over 3 million is really great for the Persona series, but not for the FF series.

andy855d ago

@redpigdoom and Persona is a far less known series so if you equate that to what a FF would sell it's much more.

And there hasn't. Name one title you would call amazing in the last 15 years? They all get slated to hell. Personally I love them as I'm a fan but they are not even in the same conversation as the old ones.

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AnotherGamer6d ago

A lot of things need to change for FF, it can't stay the same.

CrimsonWing696d ago

I’m pretty sure all the FF games incorporate mechanics that aren’t seen in the other entries. In fact, I can’t think of a single one that plays exactly the same as the previous one.

NapalmSanctuary5d ago

FF needs to preserve its identity. Something the series has been lacking since Sakaguchi left.

smashman986d ago

Dude be honest. It doesn't matter what it is. You'll complain anyway.

-Foxtrot6d ago

Did it feel good acting like a complete ass?

curtain_swoosh6d ago

i would agree with that, cause i love the og turn based combat, however, those kinds of things hardly work anymore. if the combat is great, i dont really care what they do with it.

also, they need to make them coins honey, mama aint gonna be satisfied with trinkets anymore.

i think i just had a stroke lol. haha xD

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someone726d ago

So basically were getting a hack n slash adventure game with an ff theme.

Pre-ffxv i would have scoffed at this, but as long as it doesnt go too far outside the box combat wise, im a go.

Harkins17216d ago

Good for this game. Please take your time and don't over promise and turn into XV. Give us a good story that's 35 to 40 hrs. That's enjoyable to start to finish. And please complete the thing. XV had its chance to be something special. So don't keep changing the game over every little fan outcry over something small. Make the game devs want to make!

smashman986d ago

It's coming out within the next 365 days. give or take a month.

NeoGamer2326d ago

Speaking of a Franchise that needs to take a break....

Final Fantasy really needs a break.

smashman986d ago

The last mainline entry was in 2016.

Snookies126d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Why? They're all very different... Unlike series like Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed or Fallout. Which just use the same template again and again every entry. Final Fantasy doesn't need a break, because every entry brings something new, for better or worse. At least they change things up each iteration, not just sticking to what 'works'.

andy856d ago

It's been 5 years, the longest break without a mainline title in series history 😂

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AnotherGamer6d ago

I mean, they got the DMC5 combat director.

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