Watch Dogs: Legion Online preview - A Dash of Division, A Gram of Grand Theft Auto | TechStomper

Watch Dogs: Legion Online is a little bit more than just 'WDL but online' - our preview time was a lot of fun with Spiderbot PvP being a highlight.

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Profchaos54d ago

A below average game received it's average multiplayer mode a few months to late I can't imagine many people are willing to return.

The only game in the franchise I struggled to overcome the boredom to finish

Espangerish54d ago

I would have preferred more focus on the single player campaign and no multiplayer at all. This game just doesn’t suit it or need it.

rdgneoz354d ago

Multiplayer in the first game was actually fun. Grab a car with friends, run around causing chaos as police chase after you and you fire off your grenade launcher and cause cop cars to crash into rising pillars or such. Not on the same scope as GTO, but was still fun to play for a bit with friends. Though in this case, it is releasing too late to really do much at all. They should have worked on popping out the single player DLC quicker instead.

PrimeVinister54d ago

I used to enjoy the invasions quite a bit...
But got a bit bored of invading and, eventually, of fending them off.