Skyward Sword HD Warrants its Price

Many are complaining about the price of Skyward Sword HD, but the game is priced fairly.

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iplay1up25d ago

I played Skyward until the bird part. I couldn't get into it. As for the Switch being in the middle of its life Cycle, it is nearing the end of it. It is almost 4 years old. 2022 Switch 2 will release.

Knightofelemia5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

And where did you get your source for the Switch 2 coming out next year? I don't remember Nintendo announcing it only rumor circulating is a Switch Pro but even Nintendo has not come out stating an official Switch Pro. If it sells well Nintendo will keep pushing its very rare for Nintendo to scrap a system half way through or a quarter of the way through it's life cycle like the Virtual Boy and the Wii U. Speculating and assuming get you no where until it comes right from the horses mouth which is Nintendo.

iplay1up25d ago (Edited 5d ago )

November 2022 the Switch will be 5 and a half years old. I can almost guarantee a new successor to the Switch not this Holiday season, but next.

I have owned every Nintendo console since NES. In 90 SNES came out 96 the N64 came out 2001 Game Cube, 2006 Wii came out, 2012 Wii U.

I just showed you Nintendo consoles generally are replaced every 5-6 years. So yeah I think Switch 2 or whatever will hit by November 2022. The Switch hardware is dated. It needs to be replaced in 2022.

Oh, and whatever new system they eventually release will be BC with the OG Switch.

Knushwood Butt5d ago

I doubt they will make it BC when they can charge full price for emulated versions of the originals.

FinalFantasyFanatic4d ago

I'll be real disappointed if they announce a Switch 2, it'll feel like cutting off the Switch at the knees when it still has a few years left. Unless they treat it like their handhelds (e.g. The 3DS), then it's got more than a few years left, and I'd be ok with that, still feel like we haven't scratched the surface with the Switch.

generic-user-name5d ago

Console generations are getting longer. The Wii U probably would have lasted longer if it didn't fail. Switch is still thriving.

CBaoth4d ago

Still think Switch Too will hit the market in March 2023. Nintendo will be keen to avoid system fatigue. Like a blind squirrel or a broken clock, Michael Pachter was right about WiiU. Had it been called WiiHD and released in 2011 they would've capitalized on the Wii's success and the system would've fared much better. They waited till sales tapered off and by the time it actually released, Wii sales were non-existent.

FinalFantasyFanatic4d ago

This, there is still people scrambling for the Switch who haven't been able to purchase one yet, they could always treat it like the 3DS and give it that kind of life span, and it would make sense since it's taken the place of both the console and handheld divisions.

blady_man4d ago

they already said that the console is half its lifespan! which means it wont be replaced anytime soon. What we might get is a revision or a switch pro.

FinalFantasyFanatic4d ago

I can see us getting another 4 years out of it, it still feels like Switch hasn't hit it's high point yet.

Knightofelemia5d ago

I haven't played this game I will buy it just to play it I hear its a pretty good game.

edeprez5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

It's great. I even loved the motion controls ( I am surely in the minority). I'm down to play this one again, classic zelda with real dungeons! The price is steep for a port, but I'll have my fun with it. I'll make questionable purchases, if I know the product is quality

KingofBandits4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

The motion controls were awful lol, though your certainly not the first to say you liked them. I'm glad Nintendo learned from its mistakes in tying a gimmick to its best known series. I'm looking forward to re-playing and actually finishing this game now that the controls are semi addressed

smashman984d ago

Honestly, my only issue with it is how repetitive certain portions of the game were. Well that, and the fact that it looked terrible on HDTVS at the time.

CobraKai4d ago

I agree. I felt that you were always sent to the same 3 main locations. Definitely not my favorite Zelda game.

Inverno5d ago

No it does not, and it isn't priced fairly.

NotoriousWhiz4d ago

Depends on your definition of fair. Nintendo products have a premium just like Apple products, so in terms of value, you'll always get more going not-Nintendo or not-Apple. But the resell value of Nintendo (and Apple) products tend to be much higher than those other products. Prior to the direct, the going price on eBay for a used Skyward Sword was ~$40. Some people were paying $80+ for a brand new copy. Later this year, you can get a brand new copy for less than the cost of a brand new copy on eBay.

CrimsonWing695d ago

Oh puhhhlease.

How many PC modders make HD texture packs for existing games and for free!?

Are you a game journalist? You just go set a code for different values. It’s literally take existing code and altering unless there’s added content or updates to gameplay. This isn’t some AAA blockbuster being built from the ground up.

Look at Diablo 2 that’s being remastered. It’s a $40 game. Look at the Resident Evil HD Remasters, those were $20 at launch.

So, no, the price isn’t warranted. I mean Saga Frontier HD and Legend of Mana HD aren’t even full price.

badz1495d ago

imagine being so DUMB you're willing to defend scummy practices from a company clearly trying to nickel and dime their loyal fanbase by selling a remastered 10 yo game for a price higher than it launched 10 years ago! the fvck are you talking about things like remapping the controls like it's only Nintendo that is exclusively doing it?

Sony fully remastered Gravity Rush completed with graphical rehaul, remapped control from motion control on Vita to controller mapping on PS4 and it looks better than any Nintendo game ever made still to this day, but only charged $30. and then make a whole new sequel for it - Gravity Rush 2 natively for PS4 and sells it for $40.

others sell remasters for 30 to 40 bucks, even 3 games for that price. not just remasters, also remakes like Activision with Crash and Spyro recently. so why instead of urging Nintendo to follow these extremely great consumer-friendly practices from others you chose to make a sheepish article defending them? how dumb can you possibly be?

DaCajun5d ago

"imagine being so DUMB you're willing to defend scummy practices from a company clearly trying to nickel and dime their loyal fanbase by selling a remastered 10 yo game for a price higher than it launched 10 years ago! "

Imagine being a delusional fanboy. Sony had Demon's Souls remastered and charged $70 on an 11yr old game which initially sold for $60. So that's perfectly fine? But another company does it and they're evil and the bringer of the apocalypse. Talk about a hypocrite.

Personally I don't buy remastered games I already own or have played. I loved Demon's Souls but I'm not buying it again at a higher price just like I would not buy Skyward sword again. If they want to sell these games at a higher price so be it, that's their business but I won't buy them. Some people like remastered games or maybe they missed the game the first time around. If you don't agree with it don't buy it, what an easy concept. Just don't go around condemning one company while giving others a free pass you delusional fanboy hypocrite.

Talk about a toxic community, just play your games. Why do you losers care about a company you don't buy anything from? If you do, then the quickest way to fix these issues instead of crying and complaining all the time is to have some self control, maturity, and vote with your wallet. If you have a legitimate complaint file a law suit. Most of you fanboys on here can't even get your heads out of these companies rears to even have a sensible thought. Do any of you actually play games or you just get on here all day long running around looking for negativity and hate to spread?

smashman984d ago (Edited 4d ago )

lol ur comparing Demon's Souls PS5 to Skyward Sword HD.


Demon's Souls PS5 doesn't just Graphically destroy the original release but is Graphically superior to the majority of games out currently. The game has a completely redone soundtrack. The quality of life improvements are all fantastic. This is all while making sure the game still played the way people loved.

Skyward Sword outputs the original game in 1080p and 60 fps, while adding regular controls. Something that people have been doing on the dolphin emulator for years.

You are insane if you think your comparison is apples to apples.

also before you try to say I'm not even buying Skyward Sword. Yes I am. It's already preordered despite the fact that I can run the game on Dolphin in 4k on my PC with said improvements, no problem.

Milkshake2124d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Did you just compare a remake to a remaster?! lol
Do you realize how stupid you sound?
Do some research first before spewing BS and nope, your hilarious attempt to defend scummy Nintendo failed. Try again.

BlaqMagiq14d ago

Umm you realize you just compared a built from the ground up remake to a remaster where the biggest change is being able to use a traditional controller. You go around calling other people losers but you go on a whole idiotic rant trying to defend a price tag for a decade old game that doesn't deserve it. Good job defending Nintendo's greedy prices.

badz1494d ago


when did I say that I'm perfectly fine with Demon's Souls? I think it was a bit out of character on Sony's part too when they launched the Remakes of SoTC, Medievil and R&C at $40 each on PS4. they also released remasters for Patapon 1-2 and Parappa too for cheap and then also Nathan Drake collection, Wipeout Omega Collection that runs 4K60fps on the Pro and complete with VR update also for cheap. NEVER full-priced until Demon's Souls. BUT how many of these games they included already in PS+? ALMOST ALL OF THEM! you gotta love what Sony is doing for their fanbase here. can't say the same about Nintendo!

I criticize Sony for their wrongdoings like charging to play online and then raising game prices to $70. I'm not fine with them. I plan to get the PS5 when I can as soon as I can but rest assure that I will wait to buy the games at more reasonable prices, not $70. at least game prices are slashed on the other consoles not too long after release and I'm grateful for that. whereas, you wait forever for Nintendo's games to drop in prices. I'm so happy I'm not a fan of their games and not feeling that I'm missing out. I would hate to be forced to pay for Nintendo taxes for games LOL. those nostalgia sure cost a lot for you guys ha?

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