God of War 2018: PS5 Performance Review

In this brand new Enhanced Performance Experience, it combines the modes to offer an incredibly crisp 60fps that almost never drops below that, while still maintaining the beautiful 4K checkerboard resolution.

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Sniperwithacause8d ago

Great game
Great performance
Can't ask for anything better than that can ya?

Mr Logic8d ago

Too late for that. Just like Horizon we're gonna get a gimped PS4 game with just prettier visuals. So awesome Sony...

VerminSC8d ago

Mr Logic

Source? And please don’t mention the prior developer who has nothing to do with the current god of war.

darthv728d ago (Edited 8d ago )

^Vermin, I believe what Logic is referring to is how H:FW is a cross gen game instead of a solely PS5 title. GoW has that same potential as well. Barlog stated that the time to make the sequel would be less due to the bulk of their development was building the framework for the new series.

And since they did that, it means they can make the sequel in half the time and (most likely) for both PS4 and PS5. I wont say either game will be gimped, they will be the best they can be for either platform. I, for one, welcome cross gen. Especially considering how difficult it still is to acquire a PS5 without selling a kidney... or my first born.

Mr Logic8d ago


What prior developer? Only the PSP games were not handled by Sony SM. As for a source how about Jim Ryan, the current PlayStation President and CEO. In an interview he refused to answer whether GOW2 is coming to PS4, that is a tacit acknowledgement. It would have been very easy for him to just say "No, GOW2 is built from the ground up to take full advantage of PS5 and an old system simply cannot handle that." Mark my words, it will be on PS4.


I wish I could agree. It will not be the best it can be for either platform, because the best it can be on PS5 simply would not run on a PS4, with its ~2011 era hardware. It WILL be the best the PS4 can be and have updated resolution/fps/texture/effects /etc. but that's not what I want from a new console. If that's what we're doing then just sell me a PS4 Pro+ or some crap. I don't want to play prettier PS4 games, I want to play games that couldn't be made on PS4. Same way I didn't want to play prettier PS2 games on PS3 or prettier PS3 games on PS4.

darthv728d ago

^in due time logic... in due time.

BenRC017d ago

Gow was awesome on ps4, why wouldn't it be awesome again?

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utopiancat8d ago

I'm sure DF could find something negative to nit pick then devote an entire video to it.

Oh wait they already did that huh...

Orchard7d ago

But by your past logic, Sony must have paid IGN for this positive article, no?

utopiancat7d ago

No, that's your incorrect interpretation of what I said, not what I said.

Orchard7d ago

So when MS gets positive press - it’s paid for.

When Sony gets positive press - it’s legit

No bias to see here, move along.

Deep_Space_One7d ago


They did write an article like that though.

Orchard7d ago

They did @deep_space_one. But when DF writes anything anti Sony or Pro Microsoft, utopian claims MS paid for the article. So I’m wondering is this article paid for by Sony or how do we identify paid for articles?

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Espangerish8d ago

Been waiting for PS5 update before playing this. 60fps should be the standard for all PS5 games...or at least the option for reduced visuals/resolution in exchange for it.

My fear is that once games are produced for the PS5 generation exclusively we will be back to choppy 30fps again (albeit with next gen visuals).

I just struggle to go back to 30fps personally.

Harryvok8d ago

Yeah now that I've played more 60fps titles, I'll generally choose lower resolutions or turn off ray tracing to get the 60fps.

ScootaKuH7d ago

Yeah same here! Tried the graphics mode on AC Valhalla, Miles Morales and Demon's Souls and each time I went back to the 60fps performance mode. I'll always choose framerate over resolution

BenRC017d ago

Ray tracing is the death of 4k/60 and its barely noticeable in general gameplay so far.

Popsicle7d ago

I see many here undersell ray tracing. I think it is a game changer when done well and is the main thing that has stood out to me as a next gen feature on the new consoles.

It’s something I never really knew I wanted until I seen it done in Spider Man and a few other titles. That said, I am glad many developers are now providing options. The enjoyment of any feature over another is clearly subjective.

Harryvok8d ago

I'm more than happy for them to run checkerboard 4K again on PS5 if it gives us 60fps. I believe it can give you up to 30% more performance. This game looked fantastic on a 4K screen.

ChrisW7d ago

Wow indeed! It takes 21 seconds for the PS5 to load a level

BenRC017d ago

Sick of ppl using last gen games to measure next gen performance.

ChrisW3d ago


Meh... What'evs... Go make a sandwich!

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