IGN: Tom Clancy's EndWar DS Review

IGN writes: "The Nintendo DS version of Tom Clancy's EndWar gets off on the wrong foot right from the start with its box quote that claims it won Game Critics' "Best Strategy Game of E3." This is, of course, not true, as the portable EndWar wasn't even shown at E3 and that award was given to the very different console versions. But, once you get past the misleading advertising, you'll find a decent if humdrum turn-based strategy game here.

The biggest difference between the portable and console EndWars is that the DS game eschews the innovative voice controls and real-time strategy for a more traditional, turn-based and stylus-controlled affair. The DS does have a microphone, of course, and it's tempting to be disappointed that the developers didn't include the ability to give audio commands to your troops. But thinking back to my frustrating times trying to get Brain Age to understand the word "yellow," maybe it's just as well EndWar DS is a touch screen game. There is some light voice work, though, that helps bring your armies to life."

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