Street Fighter V Dan Gets New Gameplay Trailer All About Dan to Celebrate His Release

Today Capcom is releasing returning DLC character Dan Hibiki for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, and a trailer was launched to celebrate.

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Vandamme21113d ago

Dan looks like Steven seagal

Gaming4Life1981112d ago

Your nemesis lol. Dan looks pretty good in this trailer but he is a bum.

I will always be a fan of van damme and steven seagal, might gotta watch bloodsport and marked for death today.

UnSelf113d ago

The voice doesnt match at all. Bring back his voice from Marvel vs Street Fighter

thejigisup112d ago

Dan the man, securely gonna be all over the tourney scene with that shift

kayoss112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Its so funny, they even made his animation not fluid when he executes a move. Its like theyre trying to show us that hes not as refined/disciplined as Ken and Ryu.
I used to play street fighter so much for the stories. But as the years went by. The stories began to get really convoluted. So i stick with the comic books.