1UP: MadWorld Exclusive Interview

1UP writes: "If you had asked me a year ago, I don't think I could have imagined that one day I'd bring up a question in an interview about performing a curb stomp using the Wii Balance Board. But MadWorld is the kind of game where you have to ask, because you never know. You might think it's a ridiculous question, and later find out it's been in there all along -- this is a game that features a trumpet laxative as one of its moves, and a boss named Herr Frederick von Twirlenkiller (pictured below) that throws cows at you.

It's also arguably the most promising Wii game on the way in 2009, so I tried to mix in a few real questions among the silly ones when I sat down recently (along with Editorial Director Sam Kennedy) to interview producer Atsushi Inaba and director Shigenori Nishikawa".

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Shnazzyone3697d ago

it reminds me a little of no more heroes in it's approach. Gore and stylized look. But this could potentially beat it out if it becomes as gritty as they are promising. Here's to disembowelment on the wii in 09 :-D

Mahr3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

I'm a little apprehensive toward Mad World, since the way it's shaping up it's either going to be one of the greatest games ever or one of the cruelest, most crushing disappointments ever. The more I see, the more my usually cynical expectations raise and the more it seems that there's no other alternative: even if it's "really good", it will be a catastrophic let-down.