Advice for gamers about to become parents

G&M game reporter provides five bits of advice/wisdom for gamers soon to become dads and moms. Number four from his list:

Your stereo might go up to 11, but you won't. You know that 700-watt surround sound system that lets you hear when tentacled heads are quietly skittering up behind you in Dead Space? Enjoy it while you can, because once the bambino arrives it will become sorely underused. There's only one sound more beautiful than a noisy, lifelike, video game audioscape, and that is the gentle breathing of a sleeping baby. And forget about headphones; they defeat the purpose of the baby monitor you spent $100 on meant to ensure you are alerted when your tyke is in distress.

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Mr Scooch3695d ago


I have and babies seriously take up time that could be put to more productive use playing!!!

Also make sure you only buy games that have a subtitle option, as loud noises "Will wake the baby up!!!"

Get a dog, they're just as much fun and you don't have to pay to put them through college!!!

CBaoth3695d ago

But his point 5 is so completely true and outweighs any detrimental issues. Whether it's nostaglia (of your own past) or unrestrained love (as a parent), the first moment your child gets it and you see unbridled joy on his face from playing "your hobby", it's priceless.

Austin_SJ3695d ago

But sometimes living next to a genetic research facility can have unexpected results.

va_bank3695d ago

When my daughter was born, I played more then I do now.

The wife was up with her all night, so I stayed with my daughter during the day while my wife slept. Since the baby was taking several long naps during the day, I sat and played my PS2 while it was quiet. My wife didn't mind, since I couldn't do anything around the house - it would be too noisy.

One theing the article is wrong about is the headphones. They are the ONLY way to play. Baby monitor is not an issue - just put it next to the screen - every monitor has lights that light up brightly depending on the level of noise the baby makes. Worked fine for me with two kids that I have now.

The only thing this article doesn't mention - is that ONLINE gaming gets harder, sometimes impossible, due to the fact that you can't pause an online game. Have been kicked from many Warhawk servers, because I had to drop the controller and run.

Bottom line - I play more games now then I did BEFORE I had my kids.

Elimin83695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

And still do. I agree with every single thing you mentioned cause i do the same, except i don't use headphones or put the monitor near the tv.. little distracting* but I do however put it at view point.. The online issue god help us fathers, when my daughter is up she wants to climb and even when i try to hold her she either wants the control or her feet lands on them, so I just do most of my playing when she is asleep or with her mom....

hay3695d ago

Great advice for future gaming parents, bubbles.

va_bank3695d ago

Give your daughter an old/broken controller and tell her that she's the one playing (assuming she's of age where she understands the concept, if not disregard what I said). generally, I do the same as you - play after 9:00PM after both kids are in bed. I even joined a clan [MAAN] a year ago, where everyone is in the same situation, therefore everyone in the clan plays around the same time of the day.

Dr_Phibes6663695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Agreed! Not going out everynight so doing things you can around the house becomes the norm, played my xbox to death when my first was born and i sat with him down stairs at all hours of the night while my wife slept. Now my second is here im rinsing my ps3 lick its the last day on earth!, expensive business isnt it ;)

Elimin83695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Man I tried everything. I even gave her the second control . I gave her the dualshock 2 but she loves the light on the ds3 and knows when it's on. I even tried an old xbox control, but I think she knows the difference. 14 months old by the way. I kinda wish the ps3 control had removable batteries, cause she always and I mean always presses the s#it out of the home button.. thats when I just turn the console off. And go play with her....

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Foxgod3695d ago

oh, when they grow up, dont give them too many video games, make sure only to buy it for their birthday or xmas, or let them save up the money trough allowance.

If you constantly had games they can become spoiled brats.

rhood0223695d ago

Im 26 with a full time job in the federal government AND a 4 year old daughter. I've been gaming since I was 5 and between everything, I maybe get an hour or so a night for some "grown-up" gaming on either my 360 or PS3 (we have a Wii too, but after my wife was sick for a few days and got tired of reading she decided to pop in some Zelda and, needless to say it's now "her" Wii.) So I totally get what this author is saying.

But let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing better than watching your kid enjoy something you dig. I came home one day and found my little girl laughing enthusiastically as she was playing Animal Crossing: City Folk (with my wife watching her like a hawk from the couch.) I was kinda shocked because a) she's 4; and b) we didn't even own the game. You see, my wife took her to the mall to get some new shoes and she was drawn to a poster of the game plastered on the front of Gamestop and guided my wife to the store.

I sat and watched her play it for about 30 minutes and it was probably the greatest 30 minutes ever made only better when she came and sat next to me. Now I just gotta make sure she doesn't play more than 30 minutes a day. Something my wife is infinitely better at monitoring than I am simply because I get a kick out of watching her play.

va_bank3695d ago

And she's drawn to any game on PS3 that has SIXAXXIS support. She like the original Motorstorm the most, but only with motion controls activated. Besides, her thumbs don't reach the analog sticks yet anyway.

I'll get her a Wii eventually, but she hasn't asked for it yet, even though she plays it at her cousin's house all the time.

SilPho3695d ago

Does nobody else find that image a little bit disturbing?

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