Microsoft exec: Windows 7 is no service pack

Microsoft is attempting a challenging task with its positioning of Windows 7. The company is trying to make the case that the product won't break things that work with Vista, but at the same time trying to convince users its a worthy upgrade.

Bill Veghte, the senior vice president of the Windows business put it this way in a speech to investors on Wednesday: "It's a minor release when it comes to incompatibilities," he said, adding that most applications and hardware that worked with Vista should work just fine in Windows 7. At the same time, Veghte tried to make the case that Windows 7 will nonetheless be a significant step forward.

"There are plenty of great things in there that make it much more significant than a service pack," Veghte said. In addition to improving some of the annoyances of past releases, such as slow boot time, Veghte pointed to new features that make it easier to connect to both home and business networks.

"In Windows 7 there's a capability called Direct Access," Veghte said, that allows users to more easily connect to their corporate network. "You no longer have to VPN in," he said.

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El_Colombiano3701d ago

Hopefully its not Vista in disguise.

wibble3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

When is Vista not Vista?

When they change the name on the packaging?

When they change the desktop background?

When they change 10 lines of code in a driver?

Maybe 100 lines of code?

How about a 1000?

How would we know?

If it tastes like chicken it is chicken?

SaiyanFury3700d ago

If they even include drivers. One of my big beefs with Vista is that unless third party hardware manufacturers paid MS a fee, MS wouldn't give them access to Vista's keycode so the third parties couldn't develop effective drivers for the OS. And of course those companies aren't going to pay MS that money. On top of that, Vista barely had any driver support from Microsoft anyways BECAUSE MS was looking for that money from the third parties. MS's own greed is what killed a potentially good OS. Oh yeah, Vista being overbloated doesn't help things either.

MediaSpin3603701d ago

Another attempt at making a decent OS... Two times wont be the charm.. Try again. Windows 7 does nothing special and no reason to fork out another 100 bucks.. Make it free...

Foliage3701d ago

The New Vista Experience (NVE). Microsoft is once again trying to cover an earlier blunder with a bigger one.

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The story is too old to be commented.