Rainbow Six Siege Resident Evil Crossover Coming in Year 6, More RE "Surprises" Revealed This Year

The Rainbow Six Siege Resident Evil crossover is coming in Year 6 for the shooter! More crossover "surprises" to be revealed later this year.

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Kabaneri115d ago

Really unexpected collab, probably a limited time PVE mode.

excaliburps115d ago

I'm hoping this as well and not just cosmetics. What f, R6 Quarantine X Resident? Would make sense

Timzster115d ago

Here's hoping we get more special stuff aside from the usual costumes and cosmetics, especially since the RE franchise celebrates its 25th this year.

CrimsonWing69115d ago

y'know, come to think of it, a co-op tactical shooter set in Raccoon City might make for good MP. I wonder why Capcom doesn't try something like this instead of stuff like RE:Verse... I mean, I'm sure it has to do with budget and resources, but still.

eddieistheillest115d ago

They have at least twice to attempt something like that. Operation Racoon City and Umbrella Corps.

CrimsonWing69115d ago

I guess what I was really getting at is like Rainbow Six but in the RE universe.

I've not really played much of Rainbow Six, but I felt ORC was more acradey co-op vs a slow, methodical tactical shooter where you do a lot more communication with your team.

TheColbertinator115d ago

Capcom tried that back in the PS2 days with Outbreak

CrimsonWing69115d ago

Outbreak is the only RE MP that needs to exist in my opinion... but I don't consider that the same as Rainbow Six. Outbreak was literally taking the original RE formula and adding co-op, but giving character specific abilities to create a real need for cooperative play since not all characters could do the same thing. Brilliant series, in my opinion.

TheColbertinator115d ago

Outbreak had some good ideas. On that I agree.