Microsoft's GM of Cloud Gaming Says the Technology Will Allow Previously Impossible Game Experiences

Microsoft's GM of Cloud Gaming James Gwertzman talked about the technology's potential to allow for previously impossible game experiences.

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KionicWarlord2228d ago

Xcloud is pretty sweet on mobile so im down for whatever features come from this.

piroh7d ago

A brand new Crackdown comes from this / just joking

Sonic-and-Crash7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

lol the same exact bs have told us back at the launch of Xone X ....7years now couldnt manage to implement cloud gaming powier not even in one of their games .... i highly doubt they do it in this generation ....they r all marketing bs to hype the crowd

DiRtY7d ago


Flight Simulator.

bouzebbal7d ago

Was about to say it.. Looks like powahhhh af da clawwdd is back 🤣

NeoGamer2327d ago

In all seriousness, if you don't try something new then you are not truly innovating.

I agree that the cloud part of Crackdown 3 was lame at best. But, kudos that they tried to do something big. They were batting for the fences, but struck out. There is nothing wrong with that.

By ridiculing them gamers are encouraging vendors not to innovate. Just stick to the same working formulae.

Deep_Space_One7d ago (Edited 7d ago )


"In all seriousness, if you don't try something new then you are not truly innovating"

Not all innovation is good or well intentioned or wanted.

For example in this case, gaming over cloud is not as good of an experience as gaming on local hardware..

And I think a good case can be made that Microsoft isn't doing this to improve gaming but to gain more control and push other companies out of the industry that don't have the level of financial capitol they have to support this. As well as the fact that Microsoft has for generations (anyone remember "always online") tried to control and/or remove ownership from the individual to being fully controlled by themselves.

I and many other people do not want a future where the only way to play new games requires an internet connection especially when on the other side of the issue is ISP's pushing for data caps and "premium packages". And believe me when cloud gaming at 25+ gb per hour of extremely high intensity traffic (gaming isn't buffered like a netflix video) the ISP's will be right there with a data cap or to require a more expensive package. (like some already do with Netflix)

This push for streaming is bad for gamers, the only people who benefit from this is Microsoft because they already have an infrascructur that they want to sell.

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curtain_swoosh7d ago

really...? i have the new samsung ultra and all the games lag so bad.

DiRtY7d ago

I doubt this has anything to do with your device.

Mr Pumblechook7d ago

Microsoft's GM of Cloud Gaming said: "Now we’re getting more experience with it, and you may be able to build game experiences that would not be possible without running in the cloud. Games were you can have lots of players in a single environment interacting in new ways."

Hopefully, this power can be used to make Crackdown 4.

rdgneoz37d ago

"Games were you can have lots of players in a single environment interacting in new ways."

So like, all the MMOs available that are being running on servers? WoW used to have a ton of city raids back in the day or open world pvp. Also the opening for Ahn'Qiraj that had hundreds gathered around for the opening event of the raid or Alterac Valley with 40 on 40 (all this being possible over 14 years ago).

Or with FFXIV, you have the huge open world A or S rank hunts that gather a ton of people, or 72 player pvp matches. Guild Wars 2 with WvWvW. Hell, even MAG on PS3 had 256 players in Domination mode...

Hopefully they can show results soon as they've had a while with the cloud tech.

Orbilator7d ago

I sure that M$ peddled this crap when they launched the xbox one and here we are 8 years later and they pedaling it to us again???

Rude-ro7d ago

Microsoft has been and always will he about selling you an idea over any actual reality.
Marketing is their thing.. that and have a huge investment in media outlets.

wiz71917d ago

I mean granted Microsoft Flight Simulator kinda shows it can be implemented in some form or fashion .. over the 8 years they were working on it , just like Xcloud , work great for me when I’m in a area with a great consistent connection. Y’all fools just flock to the MS hate , if you have no plans on getting a MS console why keep coming to the thread

Orbilator7d ago

@wiz ..Because I have a series x console and a PS5. I am a great lover of m$, but that doesn't mean I can't see crap when they spouting it. So that's why I keep coming to the threads. My xbox name is xboxukgamer just in case your an unbeliever. I a gamer not a brand boy. I play on every console and PC.

wiz71916d ago

But it’s not crap where there are real world implications that actually works. The people that call it crap always points to Crackdown but never to Xcloud or MFS, two applications that work. In my experience the cloud thing works, I love that I can play my Xbox while I’m at work.

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Jin_Sakai7d ago

“Microsoft's GM of Cloud Gaming Says the Technology Will Allow Previously Impossible Game Experiences”

Just like negative latency right? Lol

utopiancat6d ago

Ah, I remember that.

I don't know what's more sad, that they actually tried to pass that off or that people probably believed it.

And it was from the director of networking or some such position, someone who must have known it was a blatant lie.

wiz71916d ago

With a stable connection the latency definitely is minimal , I’m assuming your talking about Xcloud ?? If so have you honestly tried it ??

Jin_Sakai6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


I’m referring to Stadia claims. All these Cloud gaming heads say the same thing. Yet they all have the exact same issues. Lag, video compression, and network connection dependency.

And yes I’ve tried xCloud. It’s no better or worse than all the other Cloud gaming services I’ve played. All of which i tried on a Fiber connection.

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MadDestruction8d ago

"we have voice-font technology where we can record and listen to a couple of dozen hours of someone talking, and then build a model that can recreate that person’s voice saying whatever we want them to say. When you think about that in the context of deep fakes it’s deeply troubling, but when you think about its use in casting voices for games, it could allow an indie developer with a small budget to create thousands of hours of dialogue. Even better, have the computer speak using AI in whatever voice you want, you can get some really cool creative experiences. I love the idea of using voice fonts to let the computer speak in a more natural way than you typically get today. There’s neat opportunities like that coming"

kneon7d ago

Except that dialog can all be pre-generated, no need for a persistent connection to the cloud.

Christopher7d ago

Ubisoft already does this and more with WD Legion and AC Valhalla (one voice actor, many accents generated, can generate non-recorded lines). Not previously impossible, already being done.

AngelicIceDiamond7d ago

Hmm cool concept as always but it's best for MS to avoid the cloud talk until the tech is actually there when it comes to using it in games. No more crack down 3 dilemma's.

RazzerRedux7d ago

The pixel streaming tech sounds interesting.

curtain_swoosh7d ago

i dunno. i dont think we're there yet.