ZTGD Review: Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades

ZTGD: About four months ago Activision and Vicarious Vision did the impossible; they created Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS, and it was good; quite good actually. So there should be no surprise that they wanted to continue the wave of success with a follow-up featuring a new set of tracks. Decades is more or less an expansion pack with very little in the way of new features, but there is enough here for fans of the original to get back into it. The song list includes 35 new tunes derived from various decades (hence the name) and contains songs that have been in previous rhythm games as well as a few new tracks to create a solid list regardless of your preference of music. Amazingly enough Decades escapes the feeling of quick cash-in and makes returning to handheld rocking worth the investment.

+ Solid track list
+ Wireless sharing is awesome
+ All songs are originals
- Does feel like an expansion
- Difficulty curve is inconsistent

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