Kingdom Hearts 3 PC Requirements

Square Enix has revealed the official PC system requirements for Kingdom Hearts 3.

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TheRealTedCruz50d ago

Damn, Square Enix are really scalping PC gamers here. Asking almost $250 for a bunch of fairly old titles of you want to play the entire series.
I got the entire series for $35 on PS4 over a year ago. And, let's be real, Kingdom Hearts 3 didn't really blow too many away.

Then to make the games another EPIC store exclusive deal ...
All I can say is, don't be surprised if these bomb on the PC.

phoenixwing49d ago

I think the reason it would bomb would be the high asking price not that it's on epic store. they usually sell okay at the epic store regardless of Steam supporters

TheRealTedCruz49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

That's part of my point though. That's why I brought up the fact I got the collection, over a year ago, for $35.
It can actually be had for $25 now.

You know what PC gamers are going to do when they see this for $25, go to check it out and realize Square wants, literally, 10x the price?
If anything, they'll grab 3 down the road if they got hooked on the earlier entries.

The EPIC store deal is just the rotten cherry on top. These Eastern JRPGs have been doing well since they started bringing them to the Western PC market.
Pretty sure this one is dead in the water.

Snookies1249d ago

KH3 was a great game, longer than any of the others. It has some disjointed pieces, and the pacing was odd packing most of the story stuff at the end. But it certainly deserves the full price tag. On the other hand, the 1.5 and 2.5 should have at least been bundled. 2.8 should have been like $30-40 at most.

rayford1549d ago

"Kingdom Hearts 3 didn't really blow too many away" lol

instantstupor49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

While I agree that this is pretty overpriced - especially from the standpoing of someone who has already bought these things on PS2/3/4 already - the total price on Epic would "only" be $170. It'd only be $230 if you included Melody of Memory, which isn't all that old & still has a $60 MSRP on other platforms.

Wish it was cheaper, as I'd like to play everything again in high res/high refresh, but I guess it just means I'll have to wait awhile. They'll get there eventually, and I'm well seasoned at waiting prices out lol.

Vits49d ago

The issue with waiting for prices to drop, is that SE have a history of never going below the 50% off for their main games. So unless PC get the Collection that is currently on consoles, is very likely that the cheaper it will ever be is $85. And that is for the US makert, other places also have to deal with the terrible SE regional pricing policy.

Vits49d ago

Pretty much. But as it's a EGS exclusive, SE don't need to care with the games do well or not. They already got their money. And given that some no-names like Phoenix Point got a estimated $2M for the exclusivity. Is fair to say that the amount SE receive for this, should be enough to not only cover the cost of the ports but also given then a big chunk of revenue.

The only issue with their strategy is that unless they bring it as a collection to Steam one year from now. I doubt that we will see Satisfactory, RDR2 or HADES levels of sales.

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