Xbox Series X|S vs Xbox One Launch Sales Comparison Through Week 13

During week 13, the Xbox Series X|S closed the gap when compared to the aligned launch of the Xbox One by 36,375 units and by 128,644 units in the last month. The Xbox Series X|S lead has grown to 53,715 units.

The Xbox Series X|S has sold 3.52 million units in 13 weeks, while the Xbox One has sold 3.46 million units. Week 13 for the Xbox Series X|S is the week ending February 6, 2021 and it is the week ending February 15, 2014 for the Xbox One.

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TheGreatGazoo3049d ago

I find articles like this hilarious since MS doesn't report in hardware sales, including Xbox.

amazinglover49d ago

No but other entities do if your willing to pay for the data and there is also ways of getting some of it for free.

Orchard49d ago

That would be called inaccurate data.

There are so many retailers in the world there is no way they are sourcing this information from all of them. Additionally they would be missing any consoles sold by Microsoft directly and likely all access too. Plus I doubt big retailers like Walmart are selling their data to vgchartz.

Vgchartz has always been guessing, rumors and corrections - even for companies that do report sales.

TheColbertinator48d ago

VGChartz has been guessing for decades and they don't have solid numbers ever.

RazzerRedux48d ago

If Vgchartz had the kind of information they claim they have then wouldn't have to depend on advertising to keep their site going.

itsmebryan48d ago

I think this is not important because it is a supply issue. They continue to sell out in minutes like the PS5. We won't know the real numbers until supply stabilize.

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RazzerRedux48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Yep. Microsoft stopped reporting Xbox sales numbers once PS4 started outselling Xbox by a huge margin.

Everything has just been speculation ever since.

NeoGamer23247d ago

I just don't get what the hang up is on console sales. We all know that Nintendo is selling the most, PS is second, and XB is third. But, all three are staying in the market. Which means nothing is really changing this generation.

Nintendo still sells an underpowered console/portable with really good games, Sony still sells PS with almost every year having a GOTY contender, and MS will still be in last with console sales, and we need to wait and see what having 23 first party studios will mean since they were almost all bought in the last 4 years.

RazzerRedux47d ago

To me, console sales are interesting as it reflects the strategies of the console makers. You are right. Nothing has really changed this gen and we don't know what effect, if any, the Bethesda purchase will make. It will be interesting to see what happens there as well. Not sure what "hang up" you are talking about, but it does interest some of us and there is nothing wrong with that.

glennhkboy48d ago

All sales figures, from cars, to houses, to clothes, etc, are from outside sources plus a lot of guessing. So there is nothing hilarious about the sales figure from vgchartz.

RazzerRedux48d ago

House sales are a matter of public record, FYI. And no, not "all sales figures" are from "outside sources". Sony and Nintendo report games sales every quarter. Other organizations like NPD and Media Crate get information from actual retailers in the region they focus on. What is hilarious about vgchartz is they actually pretend they have global data. They do not. Unlike NPD and Media Crate, vgchartz is the one truly guessing. They do not make money from the data they report. They make money on website advertising. Their numbers are click bait and nothing more.

Einhander197149d ago

As long as the hardware gets the support from devs that's what matters.

Father__Merrin48d ago

VG chartz always gave good number indications and they always adjust them

Orchard48d ago

If you have to adjust/correct then your numbers weren’t good to begin with.

They just had to do a large correction on PS5 after Sony revealed official numbers in their earnings. God knows how inaccurate it is for numbers that never get corrected because MS never releases them.

Zhipp48d ago

I dunno about worldwide, but for US they adjust based on NPD estimates. NPD extrapolates their data from retail stores and customer surveys.

48d ago
iplay1up248d ago

You can't buy what isn't in stock. I got lucky, and got one after 2 months of trying! Same goes for PS5. Can't buy what isn't in stock. I am waiting to get PS5.

48d ago