ZTGD Review: Alone in the Dark: Inferno

ZTGD: When Alone in the Dark arrived on Xbox 360 back in June I was one of the few supporters of this inherently flawed game. Sure there were a lot of things holding it back, but there was so much potential behind the defects that I couldn't help but appreciate what the developers were trying to do. Second chances are certainly not common and instead of simply porting the game over to Sony's console the team at Eden decided to take fans' complaints into consideration and completely overhaul the experience for PS3 owners. What we get is Alone in the Dark: Inferno, a game that has all of clever ideas and innovations from the original with some added additions and gameplay tweaks that make the experience all that much better.

+ Amazing score
+ Improved visuals
+ Better checkpoints
+ Improved controls all around
- Still has glitches here and there
- Central Park portion still feels tedious
- Endings fail to impress

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