Was the Wii U criminally underrated?

The abundance of Wii U ports to Nintendo Switch goes to show that the Wii U was not lacking in quality games: Was the console underrated?

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Terry_B77d ago

No. It was not. It had some quality games ..but just too few for many people to really care. + graphics a generation behind the competition and without a strong gimmick / feature like the portability of the Switch.

Sciurus_vulgaris77d ago

The Wii U had the screen on the controller gimmick. Some games expected you to look at both your tv and the touch screen of the Wii U gamepad which wasn’t very practical. Sometimes I would play games using the gamepad as a mini TV when the console was paired with a pro controller or Wii mote. So far I have enjoyed more games on the Wii U than the Switch. The Switch has better probability, and short-term handheld play is good too. However, the Switch is too port heavy for my liking.

bouzebbal77d ago

You obviously never put your hands on one..
Wiiu graphics are same as switch.. If the wiiu games were inferior looking compared to ps4, same or worse must be said about switch.

WiiU software at least felt new and fresh.. Switch to this day is still getting wiiu ports.. Best switch game according to critics is also a wiiu game.
Gamepad allows much better gameplay experience than switch does.. You can play using headphones while playing on screen, can't do on switch..
You can control the TV with the gamepad built in remote, you play all games with double screen without having to pause.. Take splatoon add an example :you can see the map on the gamepad and tap where you want to go very intuitively.. Can't do that on splatoon 2..

Wiiu is far more solid built than switch, has a decent d-pad than the joke on the was backward compatible and supported every wii accessory..

Problem of wiiu was the initial chaotic reveal.. It took me as a gamer a long time before I realized what it is.. Everyone thought it was a wii add-on. And people went from it because wii sales were really suffering..
The story would have been different if it was called something else, I'm sure of it..

Terry_B77d ago

I think this article was about the wiiU and not the Switch.

bouzebbal77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

It was an answer to what you were saying.. Strong gimmick feature isn't what mass switch what it is, but the clear message and marketing

Concertoine77d ago

Probably the best thing about the Wii U and the reason i keep mine hooked up is the retro compatibility. You have access to everything on the Wii U eshop, which comes complete with button remapping and suspend points. Then you have the 3-4x larger virtual console on the wii. Then you can play Wii games themselves, and if you mod it you can play gamecube games with 100% compatibility.

Army_of_Darkness77d ago

Is it me or is the switch taking all the credit for all the big games released on the wiiU?? So yes, I'd say wiiU is underrated then...

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potedude76d ago

I bought my kids a refurbished Wii U along with most of the games for $10 each or thereabouts. They love it, particularly Super Mario Maker which offers a lot of replayability.

locomorales77d ago

Wrong technology, wrong price and wrong concept. Good games, though. Games were so good that Switch is basically living on them. But it isnt underated. It just sold bad.

n1kki677d ago

But don't gamers always say it's all about the games. I go to nintendo for nintendo games. Unfortunately I have been underwhelmed with the switch. Which personally feels overrated. I've played nearly everything prior to it's release on switch and the stuff I haven't I don't care about

isarai77d ago

Maybe for a time, and a little bit if at all, but just about everything worth playing has been ported to switch, and it's main feature, playing wirelessly, just didn't work well.

RazzerRedux77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Quite the opposite. Wii U was a confused mess.

Silly gameAr77d ago

I loved the WiiU. It never got it's just due. The Switch feels like a cheap piece of plastic next to the U.

King_Noctis77d ago

The Switch does everything the Wii U can and more. So what’s wrong with it?

n1kki677d ago (Edited 77d ago )

The games I wanted to play I played long before they released on switch either on PC, wiiu u, Wii, or GameCube. Again just me personally, I realize others have different experiences.

BattleCat77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

So the switch can play Wii bc games? The switch also needs all the Wiiu games do survive. Without all the remasters, there wouldn't be much on the switch. Hell even no Mario Kart... Hell Even Zelda was a wiiu game.

badz14976d ago


are you just playing dumb? the WiiU has BC, the Switch doesn't! THAT alone already shows how far you're willing to lie for the sake of Nintendo.

King_Noctis76d ago (Edited 76d ago )


So BC suddenly is a great feature, a big selling point, and is something that people wish for on a new console?

I could have sworn people downplay it when it comes to the PS5 and BC. So Before calling someone dumb, try looking at yourself first.

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