Xbox Series FPS Boost Might Require Some Games To Reduce Resolution or Disable Effects

Xbox Series will start to get more FPS Boost games in the coming weeks. The head of Program Management, Jason Ronald has explained how it all works.

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--Onilink--159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

I guess its relevant to point out, since the article doesn’t mention it anywhere, he is referring to lowering the boost in resolution that the Series X is already capable of doing, same with anisotropic filtering, which is a 16x af given on a system level.

Those are the ones reduced, not original settings, since they can’t change a game’s code (and the whole idea is that even Devs don’t have to)

russo121159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

So much for "true native 4K", and secret sauce to keep 60fps in last generation games is to drop resolution like every other console in the market. Good lord!

oof46159d ago

A headline hopping troll.

russo121158d ago

Yes I read it, did I said something wrong?

OptimusDK159d ago

OmFg....please just read the article and first comment that explains even what the article didn't.

Einhander1971159d ago

Let's just think about new original games, than keep obsessing with 4k 60fps, FFS!! Or improve textures and physics. With regards to backwards compatibility, microsoft and Sony are doing great.

iplay1up2159d ago

I love the fact games I already own are being upgraded for free. Far Cry 4 runs so much better at 60fps, and it loads in just a few seconds, on Series X.

RangerWalk267159d ago

That goes against everything Microsoft has said about the feature. They stated that the code hasn't and won't be touched. That the method they're using is more or less tricking the cpu into thinking it's running double the frames. I wish I could find the video source with Larry talking about it

--Onilink--158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

They still are, the article is misleading into making it sound like its the original settings being touched.

Instead what they meant is that a game going for higher FPS might use the original resolution instead of the boost that BC games get, or maybe instead of a 4x boost in res it will only get 2x, etc

Same with anisotropic filtering, normally they get 16x as part of BC, but it could be reduced or removed in the fps boost mode

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