12 HD Killzone 2 Single Player mode videos

Gamersyde writes:

"It's December 4, and from now on December 4 will be Killzone 2 day! What about 12 gameplay videos from the single player preview version of the game? Let's all thank TTP for his time and great work with all these! It's important to note that the videos are getting more and more spoiler-ish as you go down the news, so keep that in mind. Not that the story is what really matter in such an impressive game ;)"


UPDATE: Gamersyde has just taken down all videos. Apparently, the news shouldn't have gone live this early, but will go back online in 2 hours (11pm GMT).

UPDATE: They are back up!

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shadowghost7523702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Man that lighting looks immense, roll on February!

EDIT: wtf! the videos are gone? looks like wherever gamersyde are it isn't december 4th yet

oh well for those that saw they will know how incredible it looks

MaxXAttaxX3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

That game just looks so brutal. YEAH! CAN'T WAIT!

ShinMaster3702d ago

They're all multiplayer though, but excellent nonetheless.

jwatt3702d ago

Wait were thes videos actually single player or were they just the multiplayer?

cp683702d ago

Videos are all single player jwat.

ShinMaster3702d ago

The videos in Gamerside were all multiplayer. Hence the "MP" in the title of every video.

You can tell:
1. There's some voice chatting going on
2. Names pop up after every kill.
3. It looks awesome, bu not exactly as awesome as the single player mode.

xenogamer3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

i love sci fi shooters(well actually mostly the halo series), but the multiplayer for K2 is boring to me, its to much like COD4, i guess if you like CoD multiplayer you will love this game, shame, they should have gave the BETA to some one who really wanted it, i havent played it in 2 weeks, boring...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3702d ago

Huh? Killzone 2 is nothing like call of duty. Are you really in the beta? Cuz I am and i have to say that killzone 2 isn't like any other fps ever.

Rick AstIey3702d ago

You're not in the beta, xeno. Never were, never will be. You don't even own a PS3.

Best looking game ever made confirmed.

psnDevistator3563702d ago


...icame KILLZONE2!!!

consolewar3702d ago

Wha- what? What the hell?! What happened to the voice acting for god's sake!!! O_O

What happened to the intensity of the convoy landing scene first shown in the E3 07 reveal trailer?!

It's like a complete downgrade! I'm seriously shocked at how inferior it looks. The character's faces look like mannequins and have no animation whatsoever. Especially that guy with the bandana, his face was so real back in 07. Jesus, what the heck happened? :(

Rick AstIey3702d ago

Holy f*ck.

Heads and limbs getting shot off.
Desert environment.

beavis4play3702d ago

this is seriously delicious carnage.

Traveler3702d ago

My friend is in the beta and I thought that looked amazing, but this...this is even better. Guerrilla are one of the most talented developers out there. I loved Killzone Liberation on the PSP and I just knew that they would come through for Killzone 2. Bravo!

prowiew3702d ago

looking awesome!. Graphics are sick

SPECTRUX3702d ago

god damn those graphics are amazing. that flying thing reminds of raging raven lol

The XBOT3702d ago

But what is wrong with the frame rate?

canadascream3702d ago

in a few ways the updated version is a downgrade. while obviously more realistic, it's take a stylistic hit. the faces are more like rubber, when they used to be clay, and it's just not as believable when they're talking. they look more like models than characters. he's right when comparing to the e3 07 "first look" trailer, that looked like pre-rendered movie, but the updated version looks more like game graphics. i bet they changed rico's voice cuz it didn't go as well with the new "style". anyways there's still time before it releases so we'll see how things go.

Foliage3701d ago

That right there is Sony declaring the start of the next generation.

solidt123701d ago

I saw this story yesterday around 7 or 8 and stopped playing games to watch all this videos and download them. I was up till around 12:30 am watching these videos over and over in amazement. It is unbelievable what GG pulled of. I was impressed with everything, on this one part the guy shot at a puddle of water and you could see the rocks come above the water them sink slowly back into the water. I lost it. Real shadows, ect. On top of the that the gameplay looks better than any other shooter I have seen, the guns react more realistic. Day one purchase for me.

Varsarus3701d ago

frame rate is fine, probably your comp...

ryuyasho3701d ago

1080p Native Rez @ 30FPS Locked
AI Skynet Level
100+ Multiplayer
Unlimited DLC for FREE

...hey, who says we can't wish n dream hehehehe...

meepmoopmeep3701d ago

i'm avoiding watching anything.
i'll just wait til Feb.

Ital50Stal3701d ago


**some characters look like Gears characters and some like half life combine** nothing new here..stick with crysis

arika3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

OH MY GOD! wait let me pick up my jaw from the floor! this game is sick! it's not even 2009 yet but i can say this much already, killzone is going to own every freaking game out there and most definitely game of the decade!

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chaosatom3702d ago


Jihaad_cpt3701d ago

good lord that was amazing (I'm sorry I'm trying to cut back on my profanities but that was just focken sick. this is beautiful

xhi43702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

gamersydes not working for me

I want KZ2 videos........NOW! =(



one word.........................F U**!!!!!!!

..............*tries to calm down*

no seriously WATCH THIS..................this is UNBELIEVABLE! Graphics are polished, smooth, NO jaggies, lighting IS UNBELIEVABLE, porcolean tiles in the boss battle in the tunnel SHINE when you SHOOT YOUR GUN!

F ME..............


EDIT: I can't watch anymore, too many spoilers and its killing my pants lol


she00win993702d ago

you just missed the opportunity of a lifetime

INehalemEXI3702d ago

I know how you feel I just missed it too. D4MB

N4PS3G3702d ago

lol ..sure!! ..console war was supposed to be over when LBP arrived according to you

It seems that stores didn't get your memo

alexM3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Console war is over in EU and JAPAN already

It is just USA which remains

Hopefully now thats over too cuz if u have seen KZ2 SP vids then u know what i am talking

more carnage incoming with GOW3 and Uncharted 2 Gameplay footages on 14th

sucks to be an XBOT

LAST time i checked

PS3 murders crap box in europe and Japan

NA only remains


Halo????????????????????????? ?????????????????


PS2 murdered Xbox with Halo2/Halo1

No one wants Halo3 except soome BOTS like u

But KZ2 would be a global hit

KZ2 /GT5 will tear way crap box in USA too

It is over for garbage box in console war

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA HALO3 ---a flop game that only sell among xboxers

N4PS3G3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

btw///what the hell is POG?

lol ..Console war is over in Europe? really?

How? Last time i cheked .the PS3 is getting outsold by both xbox 360 and wii and getting outsold in NA too

the only place ps3 is selling more right now is Japan

if thats what console war is over means to you..then you are very dumb

Not even Halo can end a console war

sucks to be you in real life


lol are so retarded that you can't read ...i said not even halo ..can end a console war moron

halo 3 that game you call a flop ...has sold 8-9 million copies world wide

i can't believe you are so retarded..saying killzone 2 will be a global hit and calling Halo a game with so many millions sold a flop the know you are a joke did the same thing with Little big planet and resistance 2...and everyone knows how it ended up

Have fun believing your lies

everything you say ..never you even believe what you say? you said LBP was ending the console war ..didn't said Resistance 2 was going to score better than Gears 2 and outsell it..didn't happend

Sadly ..even thou Killzine 2 looks won't end any console war
and even more sad...a small expansion like Halo: ODST likely to outsell Killzone 2 with no problems if it gets released in stores

ThatCanadianGuy3702d ago

Actually man.The only place in Europe 360 is outselling PS3 regularly is the U.K Everywhere else in Europe is dominated by PS3's.

N4PS3G3702d ago

Everywhere else in Europe is dominated by PS3's?

sure.. you believe what sony says... i believe what MS says

ShinMaster3702d ago

If you think the "boomerang controller" avatar you have bothers PS3 gamers....try something else.

And just cause a game sold a lot, doesn't mean it's good. You honestly think that a graphically updated version of Halo 2 with added weapons and a half-assesed 5 hour storyline is a good sequel?

Sales DO NOT equal quality. Period.

ThatCanadianGuy3702d ago

You believe what MS says? wow man.The most trash talking bullsh*ting company on the face of the earth? Insta-loss-o-credibility.

I don't believe what any company says.I believe sales charts.

Rick AstIey3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

"i believe what MS says"


Please tell me you're joking. You DO know that they said Gears of War invented the 3rd person cover system right? You DO know that they said Lips was going to kill SingStar right? You DO know that they said they're winning in Europe when they're clearly losing every week to Sony, right? You DO know that the only way Microsoft was able to sell that many 360's was by creating the RROD right?

chaosatom3702d ago


Rick AstIey3702d ago

There will never be a 360 game that looks this good. Never.

Traveler3702d ago

KZ2 looks absolutely f-n amazing and I can't wait to play it, but why do you guys have to turn everything into a stupid fanboy war? The PS3 is awesome and so is the 360, true gamers know this.

JBaby3433702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

I love the look of the desert level. Not gray enough for the xbox boys I'm sure. To all of you xbots that said "grayzone" or KZ2 was nothing but gray the whole way through... You're all stupid.

Amazing quality. Happy to be Playing B3yond. This game destroys ALL others.

ProperFunked3702d ago

lol halo 3 wasnt even graphically updated, it was the same engine as Halo 2, maybe with minor tweaks here and there

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unamed083702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

OMG Look at that!!!


alexM3702d ago

then view low quality streaming vids

jwatt3702d ago

Damn I missed it! Well I'll wait until tomorrow.