Far Cry 4 is Incredibly Smooth with a Xbox Series X FPS Boost

Taking a look at Far Cry 4 Xbox Series X where the game has been given a FPS Boost to improve the frame rate and general fluidity of the experience.

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Sonyslave352d ago

Is it the same for xbox series s, just snag one off best buy.

starsi36052d ago

Yep, silky smooth 60fps on SS as well. Amazed at what that little console can do, Division 2 and Destiny 2 both run like a 60fps dream on it too. The old X might have had 4k, but 1440p looks almost as good and the 60fps is a total game changer

GamerRN52d ago

What game are you trying to claim was downgraded to 1440p?

Destiny 2 is 4k, it only goes to 1440p at 120fps.

starsi36052d ago


I’m taking about the Series S running at 1440/1080 etc depending on game of course. It can do 4K but probably won’t in many cases

GamerRN52d ago

My apologies, I missed the Series S part.

I still think that the SS should have been $250 to be a contender. Or at $300 it should have kept the larger hard drive

ScootaKuH52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Oh. Er, wow I guess.

Aussiesummer52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Its all well and good for old games but you'll all be hating it when we are shoved back to 30fps on actual purpose built next gen games.

darksky52d ago

This shouldn't happen if Microsoft/AMD finally release their DLSS competitor. For Xbox (and perhaps Sony) they will use the ML upscaling to boost performance without sacrificing resolution/iamge quality.

Livingthedream52d ago

We'll see how that goes they pulled off 60fps on AC valhalla on the series s.

SirBruce52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Now, do the same with exclusive Xbox Series 2021's launched titles, please.

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