Blizzard Arcade Collection Announced, Features 3 Arcade Classics

During today's BlizzCon 2021 , Blizzard announced the Blizzard Arcade Collection, and it includes The Lost Vikings, Rock 'n' Roll Racing, and Blackbeard!

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darthv7253d ago

loved rock n roll racing.

excaliburps53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Same. :D

Lost Vikings is a hidden gem that not much has played though. Not sure if it aged well.

Neonridr53d ago

16-bit games tend to do fine with age.

Ninver53d ago

Dude rock n roll racing was my jam!

Rebel_Scum53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Thats cool. Blackbeard though wtf haha. Its Blackthorne.

Knightofelemia53d ago

I just want it for Lost Vikings wish Lost Vikings 2 was thrown into the mix

Stanjara53d ago

Have you seen Diablo 2 remaster? Holly Shit it is good!

Terry_B53d ago

The writer clearly has no clue since it does not feature any arcade games at all.

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