Final Fantasy VII gets a new must-have AI-enhanced HD Mod

It appears there is another AI-enhanced project for Final Fantasy 7 that is easier to install and brings major enhancements.

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curtain_swoosh49d ago

omg aqualung and Shiva looked absolutely amazing!!

TheRealTedCruz48d ago

Still wish the remake was just the asset upgrades found in, but they kept the original combat system. The new combat is fine, and a lot of people seem to like it, but it does nothing for me.

UnSelf48d ago

Good thing u can still go play the original. What an amazing time it is to be alive

TheRealTedCruz48d ago

My point being, I wish I could play the original game, though with the new assets and models developed for the remake.
If I wanted to play a simple up-res version of 7 with some better texturing and models, the mod scene has been doing that for years.

djl348548d ago Show
NotoriousWhiz48d ago

From my phone, I absolutely can't tell the difference. Looks exactly the same.