Codemasters to Remain as 'Independent Group' After EA Acquisition

EA has formally completed its $1.2 billion acquisition of Codemasters, and has confirmed to IGN that it will be treating the company's studios as an 'independent group', making their own games.

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Jin_Sakai51d ago

We’ll see how long it last before they’re adding microtransactions or making battlefield maps.

darthv7251d ago

If EA really is letting them sit in the drivers seat... please bring back motorstorm and driveclub.

lodossrage51d ago

Impossible since those are Sony IP,

And it's not like Codemasters hired every member of evoution studios. Who knows which former evo employees were even left at the time of this Codemasters purchase

darthv7251d ago

Fair enough. Then hopefully EA lets them take some liberties in making some racing games that take inspiration from those others.

ScootaKuH50d ago

Some of them went with former Liverpool Studios (Psygnosis) staff and formed Lucid Games who made Destruction Allstars.

I'd prefer if Sony would licence the MotorStorm, WipEout and Driveclub IPs to Lucid as they have the experience with them

ScootaKuH50d ago

Both are Sony IPs and I doubt very much they'd licence them to EA.

If anything, they'd be more likely to hand them to Lucid

lodossrage51d ago

They'll be "independent" until EA says otherwise.

I hate when companies say things like "they will stay independent" when we know that's a lie. There is no such thing as independent if someone owns your or has control over your finances. Period.

I just wish companies would stop with this PR farce of independence that clearly doesn't exist.

Knightofelemia50d ago

Independent that won't last long especially when you are owned by two letters EA they are the grim reaper of studios.

ScootaKuH50d ago

Closely followed by Microsoft, who aren't known for nurturing acquired studios either, they're more interested in the IP than the studio itself

DOMination-50d ago

Most (not all) of the studios were shut because they made terrible games. For example, people on here love to pine over Visceral but other than Dead Space 1, they churned out out a bunch of average crap over the years.

Fun fact, Sony have shut more studios than Microsoft. Most of them justified. If you make bad games and you're not an indie studio, you aren't going to survive, regardless who your parent company is.

ScootaKuH50d ago

For a period of time.

I am so disappointed in Codemasters. There's less and less independent UK developers now, always selling out to bigger companies. Soon the UK games industry will be non-existent

annoyedgamer50d ago

Same as US really. All are owned by mega corps. No small devs anymore.

DOMination-50d ago

It is amazing Codemasters survived so long as an indie. They were smart to concentrate on racing games since the start of ps3/360 gen as it really allowed them to focus on a niche that they were clearly very good at.

Not many left though (as independent) from the days when I grew up in the early 90s though. Team17 spring to mind.. can't think of any others..

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The story is too old to be commented.