Star Citizen Videos Show Orison Landing Zone, Visual Degradation as Crowdfunding Passes $347 Million

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released new videos focusing on its growing space simulator, including new content.

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cooperdnizzle52d ago

Would be cool If they ever finished but I never see that happening...

It will reach the 400 million dollar mark though, and maybe just maybe as soon as people stop giving them free money and that stops, they will take what they have find a publisher that is willing to give them deal for 30 to 40 million dollars with a dead line and they’ll actually have real intentions to finish the game.

Or once people stop giving them money they just let the project die.

RazzerRedux52d ago

And everything you said would be a problem if people were not actively playing and enjoying the game right now.

specialguest52d ago

Every Star Citizen articles brings the same old comments like yours or the tired old scam claim. It gets really old especially coming from people who are not even crowd funders lol. The majority of the real fans seem to appreciate the game since it continues to be funded

Tech552d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I got a chance to revisit this again recently and it was a great experience. a lot of solid work has been done in it's update. Star Citizen is indeed real and it offers real gameplay and it is pretty solid. you can also download it right now and play it. i will also try to make some of my own gameplay vids on it as well when i can and post some links.
anyways it play great i think.