I stared into the visual novel abyss and it stared back

If you are familiar with Choose Your Own Adventure books, then you get the idea behind visual novels. Are these games worth your time?

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Knightofelemia118d ago

I don't mind visual novel based games I own all the Nekopara games Code Realize, Song of Memories. I bought Re: Zero because I love the anime the day one collectors edition was worth it and I get to listen to Rem. Since I can't listen to Rem because she is still sawing logs in Season 2 of Re: Zero. Visual Novels may not appeal to a lot of people they are a great time killer and I enjoyed Re: Zero Prophecy of the Throne. If the Rising of the Shield Hero got a visual novel game I would be all over that as well because I also love that anime. I collect visual novel games because I really enjoy anime or anime style games any type of anime based game I will buy it.