Army of Two listed most offensive for "Man-Flirting"

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"Without people like Timothy Plan in the world, who would protect us from the evils of video game undertones. Mr Plan… hehe… oh sorry…. Mr Plan published his heart-warming list of the 30 most offensive video games, to help parents navigate the treacherous waters of holiday game-buying. Not a LOT of surprises on the list, it includes Grand Theft Auto 4 (which I think is actually pretty tame compared to like 80% of the stuff we've seen this year), Manhunt, and others.

ALSO on the list? Army of Two. Sure it's a pretty heavy game as far as language and violence, but THOSE weren't cited by "The Plan" as his reason for listing the game. Apparently that blood and killing is nothing compared to the… the… the… Homosexual dialogue."

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VampHuntD3703d ago

Mr. Plan was obviously aroused by the dialougue of the soldiers.

InMyOpinion3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Male bonding and men in heavy armor shooting big golden guns. Can't blame him lol!

InMyOpinion3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Bigots should steer clear of it then.

I really enjoyed it's co-op and the weapon pimping feature. Played it with one of my male friends.

VampHuntD3703d ago

Did you fall in love with this male friend you were playign with due to the excessive man-love in game?

This entire concept is funnya s heck, but on a serious note. How is teh game? I never took the time to play it but it looked fun to me.

fan_of_gaming3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

it's a fun game, but definitely best playing co-op with a friend

InMyOpinion3703d ago

Agree with ^^^^

And yes, the best part for me about the game was when I fell in love with my male friend lol! Oddly enough the romance ended as soon as we had finished the campaign. Maybe it had something to do with the homosexual dialogue? Could it be that Army of two actually has the power of converting heterosexuals?

blooodFrenzy923703d ago

find thi game good at allll. nothing in this game to me surpasses mediocrity. This game was made to be played in co -op and even then i foud just a bland generic experiance

Radiodread3703d ago

why are people still talkin about it. LAME