The open-world space shooter “Everspace 2” has just released its Early Access 2021 roadmap

"The Germany-based indie games developer ROCKFISH Games are today extremely proud and excited to announce that they have just released the s Early Access 2021 roadmap for their open-world space Shooter “Everspace 2”." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

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RazzerRedux50d ago


Somehow I never realized this site was named "The Gaming Ground". I always read it as "The Egg". Strange.

TGG_overlord50d ago

"the" "gg" (or "TGG") = The Gaming Ground, but yeah, I've heard that one quite a few times over the years lol.

Grave49d ago

This game is gonna be a good one! Played EA and loved every minute.

TGG_overlord49d ago

It sure looks like it =) I'm glad to hear it ;) So I hope that you will enjoy the full version of the game once it drops.

anast49d ago

I have always wanted to try Everspace. It looks like it might be the time to get into it.