Fallout 3 nomination for Game of the Year

Sarcastic Gamer reveals its 3rd candidate (and reasoning behind the nom.

From the article:

"Fallout 3 is not just a video game to me. It is story of humanity at it's core. It allows you to shape the world you play in. Giving you the freedom to make your own experence. Pitting together two great gameplay styles to make a game that anyone can get into if given the chance. While there is no multiplayer it provided me with over 75 hours of gameplay on my first time through. This is truely a game everyone should experence, cause it will be different for everyone. And with the promise of future DLC on the 360 and PC, that only sweetens the deal for me."

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Silly Mammo3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I agree with the reviewer. I love this game. I've never spent this much time just wanting to explore every nook and cranny of the game's map. And i've played lots and lots of RPGs. For those of you who say its not faithful to the other Fallouts, you should stop whining and be happy there is a Fallout 3. Black Isle is defuncted and you'll probably never get another game(s) like the original Fallouts.