Bloober Team hints it could be working on Silent Hill… but it’s not the only one

Medium dev says its next game is based on an existing horror IP from 'a famous publisher'.

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Orchard1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

This would be awesome if true. But huge grain of salt since Konami are basically useless nowadays.

SullysCigar1213d ago

Please no. It would be awesome just to know Silent Hill is in production, but we need the series moved forward while retaining it's charm. Bloober have a long way to go to prove themselves worthy of a proper franchise. In fairness there were some moments in Observer, but The Medium felt like a set-back in their progression as a developer in many ways.

I'd much rather this went to a proven developer that was on the up or at the top of their game, unless Bloober have their hands held tightly thoughout.

darthv721213d ago

I get your apprehension but Bloober has done pretty good so far and can only get better. A game like this can prove themselves as they know how to create a great atmosphere. Have some optimism if this is true.

PrinceAli1213d ago

No way.. Bloober team have a shitty record.. it's really not a good record if you think they should be entrusted with a franchise like Silent Hill

Snookies121213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

"I get your apprehension but Bloober has done pretty good so far and can only get better."

Saying they can only do better is an assumption, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Look at CD Projekt Red for example. They were hailed as some of the best developers after The Witcher 3. Everyone assumed Cyberpunk was going to be just as good, if not better. Not saying anything against Bloober personally here though. I could see them being given a shot at Silent Hill. That could be the home run they're looking to hit, if done well. It's just a matter of whether they'd be able to handle it or not.

-Foxtrot1213d ago

Yeah I agree Blooper have not put out anything above average

So why do Silent Hill 🙄

LightofDarkness1213d ago

They're probably cheap. that's why :p

-Foxtrot1213d ago


I can't even argue with that, it's actually spot on knowing Konami


Oh God...don't give it to them!

Orchard1213d ago

To be honest, I would rather have Bloober Team than any of the developers Konami chose for the latest releases of SH.

Do we really trust Konami to pick a decent dev? Past behavior suggests they won’t and it’ll turn into a western ammosexual game with no horror.

iwin861213d ago

I agree. Silent Hill franchise needs a worthy comeback. Blooper won't cut it.

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BandarHub1213d ago

The Medium was a great game for Bloober to show that they can handle Silent Hill.
-The Handling of mature and dark themes
-Unsettling atmosphere
-Amazing Soundtrack to match the atmosphere(Arkadiusz Reikowski alone did an amazing job with the real world soundtrack)

The only detriment here for Bloober is combat. But Silent hill was built on sloppy combat deliberately so going above that isn't too much of a struggle.

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Dark-soul1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

What sound track? First time you hear music is 5 min before finishing game and when credits roll, all game was without music... and game was quite boring walking simulation, story not even interesting also

galmi1212d ago

You're forgetting that the medium is xbox and pc for now hence hate lol

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monkey6021213d ago

I havent played Observer and I do really want to but if Silent Hill after all these years was to finally surface and Bloober were at the helm I'd be very disappointed

HarryMasonHerpderp1212d ago

Anyone that thinks Bloober would be a good choice either have never actually sat and played a silent hill game or really don't understand what Team silent's series is all about to begin with. I'm fully bracing myself for the worst since Konami has fucked silent hill fans for nearly 20 years now.... why would anything change at this point? the series needs to be left alone and rest in piece.

The_Sage1213d ago

I would like to see what the Little Nightmares dev would do with it. 2 has some really creepy things going on.

Chevalier1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Except they're part of the Embracer group of developers. There's an article about how Little Nightmares II is their last Little Nightmares game. They're planning to work on new IPs going forward

DOMination-1213d ago

Embracer will probably own it in 12 months like they do with seemingly 50% of all defunct IPs!