Game Vortex: AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack Review

Game Vortex writes: "It started with Aerosmith, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith that is. Normal music games just weren't elite enough. Before long if you don't have your own music game, you're just not going to be cool enough. The newest of these is AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack.

Graphically, it is not exactly what I was expecting. One big noticeable thing is that the character creator is gone. If you enjoy making your characters, you'll just have to forget about that for now. My assumption was that you couldn't create your character because the band was going to look like AC/DC. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you don't want to see those guys), that is not the case. The characters are randomly generated from all the character choices in Rock Band each time you start up the Tour or Quickplay. There's not really much noteworthy about the sets either."

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