Nintendo Needs to Upgrade or Replace the Switch, ASAP

Jason says, "I know, the Switch is selling great, and is even outpacing the Wii when the lifecycle sales are matched up, likely in large part due to covid19 which has been a silver lining for the gaming industry in general. “But the Switch is selling just fine, they don’t need to upgrade” – well the PS4 sold really well, too, and so is the PS5. Just because something sells well doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be improved. The horse and carriage were selling just fine, why do we need cars?!"

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Neonridr50d ago

I agree, the PS4 was in its prime when the Pro came along. Only problem with pushing some more powerful system is you either are still held back by the base Switch or you then have games that are Switch Pro only. And regardless of which option, the complainers will latch on to one of the two.

Sonic-and-Crash49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Nintendo wants to be the Apple of game software...they think they r selling prestige game software that doesnt need to be upgraded Sony could have wipe them off the floor if they have done some right moves (buying back Crash , not maintening themselves a lot on bad FPS shooters (Killzone, Resistance ) and funding/creating more games like AstroBot , Dragons Dogma MH etcetc

TravsVoid49d ago

He thinks a tech demo and niche games would have sold better than the Killzone franchise and Nintendo's IP, let that sink in.

rgraf7749d ago

Umm, you make no sense. Nintendo and Apple are not the same. Totally different business model. (you must be a crappy Android/Windows user) Also Killzone/Resistance were great titles that I wish they would bring back.

thecodingart49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Apple has literally been on the cutting edge of performance and tech within the phone industry for a decade. Their the ones who drove the ARM movement, and their A based processors have been outperforming competitors by massive leaps and bounds (hence the M1 chip introduction on their MacBook lineup). You’re comparison is extremely poor because Nintendo... well they don’t actually try to push any boundary other than a few gimmicks.

PS: Killzone and Resistance were beloved shooters and arguably defined things within the genres during their time...

Nintentional49d ago (Edited 49d ago )


mikeslemonade49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Right now for Nintendo is either Switch Pro or shut up. The weak hardware hurts the quality of games. I’m tired of playing 720p 30 frames game on my 65inch Oled.

FinalFantasyFanatic49d ago

If anything, I'd be more inclined to compare Nintendo to Disney, that's a closer comparison.

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Putnum49d ago

bro u complaing about complainers

Nintentional49d ago

Well said. This is EXACTLY why I do not want a Switch Pro. All we gotta do is be patient and within 1-2 years from now, we’ll get a Switch 2 that will be completely new hardware and not just a beefier release of the same hardware.

GottaBjimmyb49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I just want a pro for better resolution, Nintendo games honestly look pretty great even with the switch being pretty weak due to art style and optimization.

Improved resolution and framerate would be an insta purchase for me. especially if it was better resolution in handheld mode, because it is terrible ppi currently.

Atom66649d ago

Mild update would do fine. But I don't see the value in supporting pro-only games. Nintendo loves their "New 3DS" models though. So we'll see.

Might as well wait for Switch 2 imo. I think the next system will be fully BC, and cross gen will last awhile for them. Their streaming will keep improving too.

I believe we'll see a Switch 2 in late 2023. Question is the chipset. Personally, I'm hopeful we see a new custom Tegra chip based largely on Orin (ampere).

Neonridr48d ago

the funny thing was only a couple of games required the "New" 3DS though. Aside from giving us that little analog nub, I really didn't see the need for the upgrade.

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VersusDMC49d ago

Nintendo can't get games out fast enough without having to worry about a 4k switch would just make games take longer to make.

gamer780449d ago

they need to just invests in more hardware engineers, the software division can focus on software and how to scale stuff

Tiqila49d ago

And then the Nintendo hardware guys develop next gen GPUs, CPUs, etc.? You can't really believe that.

gamer780449d ago (Edited 49d ago )

@tiqila Uh no they work with amd... investing is paying money. But yes they do need hardware guys on their end as well

Atom66649d ago

You mean Nvidia?

Their HW team could use some improvement, sure. Especially on evolving the joycon issues.

But all of their software teams need the grow exponentially for 4k. They've been growing in 1st party here and there. And rumors were that they were telling devs to aim for 4k with new projects

My guess is that is still for Switch 2.

gamer780448d ago

Nvidia amd, Qualcomm whoever they want to make their next chipsets

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Neonridr49d ago

having Mario render at native 4K instead of 1080p has nothing to do with how long the game takes to make. Textures are just a higher resolution.

Exvalos49d ago

Shhhhh be careful your speaking logic, that is not welcome here.

RgR49d ago

You're forgetting the optimization requirement for making sure those textures appear on time on the screen given the power of the console. They'd likely need to tweak things when everything on screen is higher resolution texture and perhaps too demanding on the console. Then they'd need to see about prioritizing certain textures or models over others.

This all takes time if you don't have a powerful enough system to just force through all of it.

Neonridr48d ago

@RgR - I'm not saying there wouldn't have to be some changes here and there, but we are talking about optimizations. We aren't talking about building a new game from scratch here.

TravsVoid49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

4K Switch is never happening at their current price point, the Switch can't even hit 1080p 60fps with PS3 graphics.

VersusDMC49d ago

Well i assume it would be more expensive just like the oneX/Pro. Nintendo doesn't sell at a loss either. Are people expecting a switch pro to be the same price?

pecorre49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I don't really care about a Switch Pro, I just want better games for the system. I don't know what Nintendo are doing right now, but we just get ports of old games.

Levii_9249d ago

Yeah.. it’s incredibly frustrating.

BlackTar18749d ago

Well nintendo gets rewarded for such average output that it is no wonder they put such little effort in.

LonDonE49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

exactly its the fanbase who are the problem, dont get me wrong, i would instantly buy remakes of gamecube classics and beloved nintendo games but they are lazy at times.
the remakes should be 1080p native 60fps, i bought super mario 3d anniversary but the games in that collection shuld of been all naive 1080p 60fps! if my pc can do it via emulation no reason why one of the worlds best software companies cant make it happen.
i just want more great first party ninty games like the old days.WHERE IS THE NEW ETERNAL DARKNESS GAME? give us more adult content, your loyal fanbase has all grown up now nintendo.

for me, its not about nintendo games looing super realistic but i want decent anti aliasing and games to be nativ 1080p 60fps with that incredible art design.
i miss nintendo when they were at the cutting edge of graphics and gameplay

Elda49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

The very reason I haven't bought one. To me their first-party exclusives just don't have that mature tone especially graphically nor a wow factor.

Neonridr49d ago

that's ok, Nintendo software isn't for everyone. I don't play The Last of Us or Horizon because of the graphics. Likewise for Zelda or Mario. I play games because they are good. Sure looking good is a nice benefit, but just because it's not graphically pushing 4k with millions of polys doesn't mean it can't be a good game.

Axecution49d ago (Edited 49d ago )


Lmao the fact that you have 3 disagrees is absolutely mind blowing. This site's user base is hilarious. Gameplay > Graphics - always.

In all honesty - I do want a switch pro specifically for a frame rate boost which does affect how enjoyable a game is. Half these games run unlocked and very very often below 30fps. Saints Row 3 and 4 were a hell like no other. And then other games running docked with a variable resolution that often goes down to 560p and lower... Looks like pixel soup on a large 75" 4k screen or a projector - and large 4k screens are getting way cheaper and more popular. When it's as bad as some of these third party ports have been running, the graphics do start to affect gameplay. We need a Switch Pro to keep up with that alone. Android set top boxes are able to push 4k/60. Sure they're not handheld but I'm sure a $500 Switch Pro could do at least 1440p/30 docked on these unlocked fps variable res games. Would be so nice

DEKUX1249d ago

Whats adult done? The fact that a grown man uses that term make u have a childs mindset. You know how boreing it would be if every single game was realistic ? Grow up notice how is mainly kids playing ps4 and ps5 cus they think its cool play a hame fkr fun not cus it makes you feel like a adult weird commwnt typical for a sony fan boy site

Elda49d ago

@Neonridr I agree that there are great games that are not AAA offerings. I love independent games like Dead Cells,The Pathless,Children Of Morta but when it comes to console first-party exclusives most of the Switch offerings look like cartoony family like titles. I prefer the big budget realistic looking M & T rated games. To each their own.

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anast49d ago

They are making easy money.

Good-Smurf49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Skyward Sword HD being full price is all you need to know,they're didn't learned a thing.
The latest Direct didn't showed anything new and interesting other than Mario Golf which were way way overdue.
There are way more 3rd party stuff on that Direct than their own stuff it's ridiculous.

PS-Gamer-198649d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I must admit that i'm glad i only bought donkey kong tropical freeze, super mario bros and mario kart for wii U back then, so now all these other ports are basically brand new games for me.

But i can see how angry at nintendo those of us might be, who actually supported wii u back then and now are getting served the same games they played a gen ago while having to fear that switch won't get many new games in the future, because the next nintendo handheld/ console might be right around the corner, receiving all the new games.

Nintentional49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Bravely Default 2, Monster Hunter Rise, Mario Golf Super Rush, No More Heroes 3, and Crash 4 will all be mine (all new games). Also so excited to have the first two Ninja Gaiden games (gaming bliss) on Nintendo hardware.

LonDonE49d ago

this a million times!!
i have had switch since launch, and i always buy every platform at launch and have a monster pc.
But my switch has gathered dust, like where are the big Nintendo franchises?
the eshop has some gems on it but mostly has mobile phone like app trash!!
I just want a steady flow of big Nintendo first party franchises, MARIO, ZELDA, METROID, SMASH,PIKMIN, ETC ETC like where are the big games man? they take too long, my pc can run these Nintendo consoles via emulators but i still buy the consoles and games to support a company i love but i feel the swtich for me has just not been no where near good enough.
Yes they have released some killer titles but for my tastes not enough.

CrimsonWing6949d ago

It’s extremely lazy and the fact that they sell Wii U ports for full price is a slap in the face. It’d be one thing if they did collections on a single cartridge. I remember on the 360 there was a Dreamcast collection and even then it wasn’t a full price release.

Look at Mario Kart 8! You think the Switch will actually get its own new Mario Kart game? I guarantee you Switch ports will be just as prevalent on the next console. It’s the Nintendo way now.

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ZeroBlue249d ago

I dunno, hardware power doesn't seem to be much of a priority for most Switch owners. Furthermore, Nintendo games aren't all that graphically demanding.

Levii_9249d ago

I would love a Switch Pro. Yes it needs an upgrade no other way around it.