Another GTA IV release, another problem…

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"Yep… I'm still bitter. I was one of the many that had issues with GTA IV on the PS3 and one of the few that never had those issues go away. Some 360 owners had issues running GTA IV right after it was released as well. It looks like PC gamers are filling out their membership card applications right now… welcome to the club guys!"

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ivor843703d ago

Wonder how much this has to do with secuROM, Rockstar gets what they deserve if so.

RedVsBlue3703d ago

Oh how the mighty have fallen. First Square & now Rockstar

steve30x3703d ago

I bought the game today and it fails to run for me

badz1493703d ago

after this everybody will see hype =/= good game! the hype for GTAIV was sky high and the reviews and the slew of 10s were through the roof. GTAIV is in no way a bad game, but it's boring and have a issues with every platform it is being released

steve30x3703d ago

I have GTA IV on my PS3 and I have no issues with it on there but I wanted the PC version for the better gameplay and graphics. I much rather play games on my PC. But GTA IV on the pc is broken big time.