Nintendo Direct 2021: The best Nintendo Switch games coming out in 2021 and beyond

In the first online presentation since September 2019, Nintendo has finally given us some updates, and boy do they look juicy. Here are KnowTechie's favorite picks.

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Shiken835d ago (Edited 835d ago )

This direct was hardly representative of what is coming for Switch this year. Some of the other confirmes games for 2021 that were not in the direct are...

Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Stories 2
SMT Nocturne
Persona 5 Scramble
Disgaea 6
Rune Factory 5

Title is a bit misleading, as these games a comimg up in the next few months but were not in ghe direct.

BrettAwesome835d ago (Edited 835d ago )

"Juicy"? It looks dry like a barren wasteland. Actually a barren wasteland would be more interesting than what's slated for release in the foreseeable future.

Nintendo has become almost as big a failure as M$ when it comes to 1st party releases. Mario Golf and Animal Daycare? "New info on Botw2 in 2021"??? Are you f$#@ing kidding me? Where IS botw2? Where's Bayo3, Metroid prime and a Mario Kart that's NOT just a port? When will we get ANY real 1st party game that's not just a WiiU port? They're probably holding their 1st party stuff back, waiting to release it on the Switch's successor.

Shiken835d ago (Edited 835d ago )

Obvious troll is obvious. Nintendo puts out more NEW first party games through dev or publishing deals at a pace that is far above Sony or MS without even including ports.

Breath of the Wild (cross gen, but day and date new at release)
Splatoon 2
Mario Odyssey
Xenoblade 2
Mario Plus Rabbids
Xenoblade Torna (stand alone game, unless you want to say Miles Morales is DLC...then you can call this DLC)
Fire Emblem Warriors
Age of Calamity
Cadence of Hyrule
Fire Emblem Three Houses
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Deamon X
Luigi's Mansion 3
Mario Maker 2
Paper Mario OK
Kirby Star Allies
Yoshi's Crafted World
Link's Awakening Remake (unless you remove Demon Souls from the PS5 list)
Smash Ultimate
Astral Chain
Animal Crossing New Horizons

This is off the top of my head in less than for years. Compare that to the first 4 years of the PS4 and X1, and they don't even come close to Nintendo's output. Mind you this does not even include 3rd party exclusives that are not published by Nintendo like MH Rise.

The WiiU ports are just extra, and many have never played them. And as you can see, new titles far outweigh WiiU ports, so to act like that is the majority of the library is laughable at best.

I wish the direct covered some of the bigger games coming out as well, bjt this is just ONE direct that had a focus on new announcements coming in the next couple of months. Hardly representative of what they have planned for all of 2021.

BrettAwesome834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

I'm not trolling. I like Nintendo a lot. But their 1st party lineup is weak right now. You might not agree, and that's ok, but I can have a negative opinion about something without being a troll. Deal with it.
And what am I supposed to do with that list? Be impressed? Doesn't change the fact that Nintendo seems unable to materialize any real heavy hitting 1st party title, does it? We've had one real Mario game, one real Zelda game, smash aaaaand what exactly? I'm talking system sellers. Animal kindergarten and Pokemon? Yaaaaaaaay 😐

"Hardly representative of what they have planned for all of 2021"
Sure? It's the first Direct in 500 days. You kind of expect something...substantial after that long a wait, right?
"Info on Botw2 coming in 2021" wow, bitchin' 😂

Shiken834d ago

We had several smaller directs spread across last year, and several games dropped out of nowhere. Just because this is the first 50 minute direct in over a year does not mean that nothing has happened since then.

The Switch keeps dominating sales for a reason after all. And I am not saying you cannot have a negative opinion. I just find it funny that even though their output of NEW games is much higher than Sony or MS in the same timeframe (over 4 years), I find it funny how only Nintendo gets chastised for it.

There are so many people hating to hate or trying to downplay Nintendo all the time, that any actual disappointment tends to get caught up in it. Sorry if I got you wrong.

Agent75835d ago

Nintendo haven’t milked Mario Golf as with Mario Tennis, but somehow, Mario Golf isn’t big news. Surprised with Splatoon 3. Dream Nintendo Direct spanning the year would be Wave Rave 4, Pilotwings, Blast Corps 2, Stunt Race FX 2, Legend of the Mystical Ninja (2D), an entirely new Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, Mario Kart 9, Outrun 3, SEGA classic collection finally moving onto Saturn and Dreamcast classics, F-Zero, Baku Baku Animal 2 instead of Tetris and Puyo Puyo. Seems lightgun games have died a slow death over the years. 1080 Snowboarding 3, Snowboard Kidz 3.

SenorJepeto835d ago

As a owner of all 3 consoles, I am not that hyped. While I will have some fun with Mario Golf with my son, most games I see on switch recently are ports or remasters. I would rather see full remakes in some cases.
I mean, the big exclusives new games in 2020 were Animal Crossing New Horizons, and Hades. Wasn't super impressed with Zelda warriors and Paper Mario Origami king.

Now in 2021 only Mario Golf in the horizon. I mean right now where it's at I think the lack of 3rd party support for Big Titles begin to show...
Can't help but to feel their big games announced like Bayonetta 3, Metroid 4 and Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 will be titles pushed on the release date of the new switch model to release on both and help the sales of the new system.

BrettAwesome835d ago

Precisely! And the Switch is a rebranded Nvidia Shield, originally ment to recoup the losses from the WiiU.