UGO: Emmund McMillen Interview (Rise of PC Entertainment)

UGO writes: "Edmund McMillen works outside of the big budget, high profile video games that dominate TV commericals and magazine covers. His goal is to simply take the medium of game design to the next level, and so long as he can foot the electricity bill, he's fine doing it outside of the spotlight.

That being said, if you're remotely tapped into the indie gaming scene, you've almost certainly seen his work. His strange, globular platformer, Gish, won the Independant Games Festival in 2005 and, this past summer, his artwork was used for the main character's sprite in Braid. He's also pushing into the world of Flash games with cutting edge titles like Aether and Coil. And so we decided to pick his brain on the indie gaming scene, what the future holds for him and what some of his all-time favs are."

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