Watch the first bloody trailer for Mortal Kombat

Warner Bros. Mortal Kombat movie reboot is almost here — and now we have our first full look at director Simon McQuoid’s upcoming film, thanks to a new trailer.

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Majin-vegeta156d ago

Scorpion needs more enthusiasm ehen he yells get over here.Sounds like he's half asleep

specialguest154d ago

The director wanted certain things from the video game to be done organically with a fine balance like certain character's classic lines, because it might seem odd and not make sense in reality. I think if Scorpion had that stronger "get over here" enthusiasm, it might seem cheesy since it doesn't seem to fit the actor's demeanor

Flewid638154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Sounding like an actual Japanese guy saying "get over here" seems much more plausible than "he magically sounds like Ed Boon just for this one line."

Maybe if I was 12 I'd ask for that, but not as a grown ass man.

Gaming4Life1981155d ago

Trailer was great im just confused about why lui kang doesnt seem to be the chosen one. I must be wrong but from the trailer it seems like cole the guy with birthmark or whatever is. Regardless great to see mk look like the games on the big screen.

Will this be better mk scorpions revenge idk and yes i know its a cartoon movie but it was amazing.

Silly gameAr155d ago

The only thing amazing about Scorpion's Revenge was the animation. The story was complete nonsense. The live action movie looks like it could be awesome though.

sourOG155d ago

He’s the fish out of water character we follow as an audience. He’s learning about the mortal kombat universe the same as you. I think he’s more than likely going to die lol.

Gaming4Life1981154d ago

Lol yea the new guy dying was also my conclusion.

Vandamme21155d ago

Looks dope. I loved the 1st movie and the 2nd movie. I can’t wait to see this.

porkChop154d ago

What? The second movie? Annihilation was terrible.

Vandamme21154d ago

How was it terrible? I’ll admit there was some stuff I didn’t like about it but overall I thought it was very fun movie to watch.

sourOG154d ago

It can be terrible and fun. It was like a power rangers episode and the camp was heavy but I also enjoyed it. It is terrible though lol.

Gaming4Life1981153d ago

Mk annihilation was very bad but i still enjoyed it lol. I really just enjoyed the short fight scenes even though the deaths at the end were terrible. The story the acting and characters getting killed for no reason was just horrible.

Software_Lover155d ago

I hope that this isn't a 90 minute movie. I need it to be longer.

Gatsu155d ago

Looks really awesome, I think this will be one of the rare good game movies.

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