Sarcastic Gamer: Are there too many games to finish any?

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"I am drowning in video games right now. We got hit with so many titles going on sale at the same time, I haven't given any of them the time they deserve. They're ALL good games… But now, when I get my tiny windows of opportunity to play games, I just stare at the stack, wondering what the hell I should do next. I guess its a good problem to have, but I was hoping for a little help prioritizing my playtime.

Here are the games I have outstanding and the status. You tell me what order YOU would finish them in."

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MediaSpin3603698d ago

99.9% suck though. I probably buy 5 or 10 games a year for both 360 and Ps3. Rent the rest.

Th3 Chr0nic3697d ago

i have the same problem, a stack of more than 5 games and i cannot get more than an hour to play each day and this does not work for games with such complex stories and so much to do. i lose track of where i was and what i was doing so i have started fallout3 over 3 times now and i make it to megaton and i lose track after that.

Heldrasil3697d ago

Well, sorry to say, but herb can lead to that my friend. Try putting down the pipe for a week and focus on one title.

Th3 Chr0nic3697d ago

i can focus on one title. its that there are too many to chose. i beat gears2 twice so far and cod waw once. mortal kombat was fun both story lines. so the herb isnt an issue, its the games that are so imersive and so huge that it takes forever to get anywhere in them if u dont have a lot of time to dedicate consistently. Gears 2 sucked me in cause its gears and it was also thanksgiving weekend. i put in a lot of gaming hours during that weekend but most of it was playing multiplayer split screen with my nehphew or co-op with him.

FCOLitsjustagame3697d ago

I put Fable 2 down to play Fallout 3 because to guys at work were playing that one and I wanted to be able to talk about it with them. I ended up finishing after one of them but before another. I put 100 plus hours in and probably could have kept playing longer but I just HAD to put it down to play Gears 2 on my 6 day Thanksgiving weekend.

So then I finished Gears on Normal and Hardcore but decided to save Insane to play on my 12 day Christmas break (maybe do a gears 1/2 insane marathon).

Now I am back on Fable 2 but have a burning desire to play Call of Duty WoW. So I will probably rush Fable 2 to get to play Call of Duty this weekend.

I had already back burnered Farcry and Deadspace, saying I would buy them after the the new year (though I would still get them at full price if I can't get them cheap). Mirrors Edge and Endwar I will wait until they are cheap.

Thinking of getting Prince of Persia and Rise of the Argonaughts (if it actually makes it this year).

If I was this person I would play Gears first because its the shortest (unless your into multiplayer or will play it multiple times like me). Then maybe Mirrors Edge (I think thats the second shortest game there). But getting back to fable so you dont forget the controls may be good and the game could be short if you focus on main story (I think). Then Farcry since they are 43% done and would save Fallout for last so you could take your time exploring. Well, Endwar would be last but since its not opened yet I dont see the hurry.

MegaMohsi3697d ago

Games I bought in the past 2 months that I haven't finished yet:
Dead Space
Fallout 3
Far Cry 2
Resistance 2
Prince of Persia

I'm no where close to finishing these games either.

Th3 Chr0nic3697d ago

dead space was another game that i couldnt put down. think i played for like 6 hours straight and beat it. the boss battle with the huge slug thing is so cool, i recommend this one. the zero g and no oxygen rooms are the best to fly around in. there is even a section where u can play zero g basketball but i missed it and will have to play again to find that.