Bungie to Expand Destiny Universe Into "Additional Media," Announces Studio Expansion

Bungie has announced that it's expanding the Destiny universe into "additional media." First international office opening in 2022.

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Kaii56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

They have issues producing enough content to retain their current userbase, but yeah go ahead, branch out to other areas.

Edit - Additional media is not considered in-game content for the game Destiny 2 (This edit was unfortunately necessary)

Tacoboto56d ago

*Has issues producing enough content*
*Expands studio to produce more content*

"But yeah go ahead..."

Kaii56d ago

"additional media" is considered game content? Thanks for my daily dose of chuckles

Tacoboto56d ago

Since you're a headline reader... "one of the primary drivers of Bungie’s expansion is to increase the commitment to the long-term development of Destiny 2..."

excaliburps56d ago

Yeah. I suspect movies? Show? Comics?

Parasyte56d ago

I’d say shows most likely. Destiny’s lore is more suited to the episodic format I would think.

kneon55d ago

Maybe if the game had a decent story behind it then those could work, but it's been lame from the beginning and I long ago lost interest in the story. They killed off their one character with personality, the rest are all pretty dull so I don't know how they could make it interesting. Even the character that you play barely ever speaks apart from a couple of cutscenes.

gamesftw25056d ago

Have faith. You make it sound like Activision still controls them.

--Onilink--56d ago

The edit doesnt change anything, even if you only read the headline, there are clearly 2 items mentioned: other media, studio expansion.

Then if you read the actual article, you will see the big expansion of their HQ to accommodate the studio growth (which had been mentioned already) and even a new international office as well.

And even then, its not like branching to comics, series or whatever it means would affect in any way the developers.... it just means partnering with some studio who will do that other media

Kaii56d ago

*$100 million from NetEase back in June 2018
*Jan 10, 2019 Split From Activision
*They plan to release their first non-Destiny IP before 2025
Following changes are additional staff, Bungie will also open a studio internationally, over in Amsterdam, which will be mainly about publishing and marketing. That will happen in 2022.

My original comment was the amount of content they produce for D2 isn't hitting the desirable mark, but yes the HQ size increase from 84,000 square feet to 208,000 will surely be effective In all areas of "Bungie" not just D2.



I'm not sure when u played D2 last but the game has PLENTY of content especially if you're new. Now if you're sitting at home all day playing video games then sure theres not enough content but couldn't that be said for ANY game?

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Dark-soul56d ago

The last good expansion was forsaken, after it last two expansions are quite bad, less and less content and less interesting

darklaw55d ago

How about bungie stops flogging the dead horse, seriously milking this game with the same characters and story, and bring in some new enemies, a new race of aliens, thats why the forsaken did so well, it was new and fresh.