Metroid Was Absent From a Nintendo Direct Once Again, and Why This Hurts

Our favorite bounty hunter and her series, Metroid, were surprisingly absent from yesterday's Nintendo Direct, and it is currently her 35th anniversary. This is why it stings.

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masterfox216d ago

Imo I think even Nintendo knows why they can't do a proper evolution of Metroid or release some new info, and that's because their several years old spec gaming device, with the Switch they will never reach the evolution leap like they did with Metroid Prime in the Gamecube, and since the Switch is selling, Nintendo is like: *Why we would it need a new gaming device with better specs?, since our consumers are buying our old thingy?, let's keep selling this thing * , also poor Platinum games with development of Bayonetta 3 pretty sure there are having lot's outcomes while developing this sequel with such limited hardware.

Saw the Nintendo Direct yesterday, and daamnn! it kept coming to mind while watching that , we are in 2021 right?, oh well.

-Foxtrot216d ago

It's a franchise they know they can't do a cute side scroller with or something cell shaded like so it's probably the reason why they've held off for so long. They know cute looking side scrollers or something with a less demanding art style is easier to develop for than other things, it's probably why we'll never have a Zelda game that look like the the past console tech demos.

Sad thing is, there will be a point where they won't be able to rely on these things forever before things get samey, even now watching that Nintendo direct from first to third party games, they started to look the same in places.

RauLeCreuset216d ago

They probably figure it's easier to avoid toxic fan overreaction if they keep things simple and "samey." Can't really blame them, can we?

Sciurus_vulgaris215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

Nintendo likes to develop their games with a low budget. Hence, the company has focused on cartoon games that don’t require advanced hardware to run. It’s too bad a Metroid game that looks like this demo ( won’t happen until XB1/PS4 hardware can be miniaturized into a cheaply produced handheld.

instantstupor216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

I can't help but put on my tinfoil hat in regards to those early reveals. I kind of feel like Nintendo, realizing they needed some big confirmations of upcoming titles to help push the Switch at launch, opted to roll out title cards on games they talked about developing/had handshake deals to develop...but didn't have firm plans in place for when development would actually begin. My tin foil hat is especially on display when I think "perhaps they didn't reboot the Metroid game, but rather that's when they actually started pre-production".

It's just strange how, of the multiple games shown off with title cards to build up hype, not one of them has any kind of trailer to show nearly 4 years later. And though SMT finally showed off some kind of trailer, still nothing in-game has been shown off. Simultaneous worldwide release in 2021, but still no in-game footage has been seen. Just feels bizarre to think they all got announced & then they all coincidentally haven't made enough progress in nearly 4 years to have trailers or show in-game footage. Truly odd.

--Onilink--216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

They rebooted the whole project just 2 years ago when it was given to Retro. I dont know why people are suddenly expecting news about it.
It was being worked by Namco before that

instantstupor216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

I know, Onilink, and if it was just that one game then sure, one is not a pattern, and sometimes things like that happen...probably wouldn't think twice about it. And I concede that it could be that they truly did just fully reboot the project. But it, along with several other games, were shown off with title cards around the same time and none of them have anything to show for it almost 4 years later. And I concede that that, too, could just be coincidence. But it does seem a bit strange, at least to me.

OhReginald216d ago

So much potetional with this female character....yet Nintendo ignores her???

InklingGirl216d ago

I love Splatoon and even I wasn't expected Splatoon 3 to be announced or shown before Metroid, I wanted Metroid it's been to long I can play still play Splatoon 2 and it feels fresh. I think Splatoon makes more money for Nintendo then Metroid ever did and that sucks because it means we get less Metroid if any.

I'm glad Splatoon 3 was announced but I wanted Metroid.

Loadedklip216d ago

Pretty much. Splatoon 1 did 5 million. Splatoon 2 is on its way to 12 million and counting. I think Splatoon 2 alone has outsold the entire Metroid franchise and I say this as a HUGE Metroid fan.

Super Metroid
Metroid Fusion
Metroid Zero Mission
Metroid Prime 1,2,3

Are some of my favorite games of all time but they just don't sell that well. It's 100% understandable why Metroid just isn't a huge priority for Nintendo.

darthv72216d ago

I'd love a metroid 2d collection in the vein of mario all stars. And then a 3d collection with the prime trilogy. All of that could lead up to the release of prime 4. Is that really too much to ask for nintendo?

Jeriphro216d ago

Exactly. A 2D collection would cost Nintendo basically nothing, and it would make them so much money. I mean, why not?

Agent75216d ago

Or instead, a completely new 2D Metroid game. But Nintendo loves $60 ports.


As I watched the Nintendo Direct yesterday I kept looking at my Switch thinking to myself....welp I won't be using you for another year. That showing was absolutely pathetic. I didn't see a single game I want. Despite my opinion I'm sure most of those games will sell MILLIONS of copies because Nintendo knows who to market to and it sure as hell ain't people like me.

Jeriphro216d ago

It was a good Direct for certain groups of people, but wow. It really neglected others, particularly the Metroid fans who have been begging for something. The nothing that came out of the Direct just hurt me as a Metroid fan, because it continues to show the lack of faith the company has in the franchise.

--Onilink--216d ago

The development was rebooted barely 2 years ago. I dont understand why people are expecting Nintendo to have shown something already. Thats not how game development works. If they had shown anything at this point it would have been nothing more than a cgi trailer

masterfox216d ago

Actually Nintendo is not aiming a certain market, there is reason why the Switch catapult in sales , and a specific market is not one of them imo.

Einhander1971216d ago

Yes yet again no Metroid, to be honest expected to be disappointed. Always am from nintendo lately.

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