EA Completes Codemasters Acquisition. Positioned to Bring Fans a "Regular Cadence" of Racing Content

EA's acquisition of Codemasters is now complete! EA states it's now positioned to bring gamers a "regular cadence" of gaming content.

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Knightofelemia53d ago

Just another studio for EA to feed on and suck the life out of.

excaliburps52d ago

I sure hope they learned their lesson...

gamesftw25052d ago

Sad but was nice knowing Codemasters

rakentaja52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Consumers are pulling life out themselves by supporting it. EA does this because it "works". You are always given a choice, but you don't use it. In COD: Warzone I don't see a reason why I should spend money outside a Battle Pass (10 bucks) ... really pointless.

metabolicfrolic52d ago

So what do you do when you're in my position where there is no other alternative when it comes an authentic F1 racing experience? EA has a monopoly it now.

annoyedgamer52d ago

Hard truth. So much garbage from EA but my whole social circle was all "broo did you get (insert EA junk here)" then a week later they realised the game is trash.

But EA was already laughing its way to the bank.

Elwenil52d ago

Good riddance. Codemasters has been on my boycott list since they printed a pack of lies on the advertising and packaging for Operation Flashpoint:Dragon Rising.

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neomahi52d ago

Man, they ended up with a lot of really good devs. They got everyone from Drive Club. What a huge loss to Sony. That was a bad call.

SlothLordPootus52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Evolution studios was incredibly talented. I miss the Motorstorm series so much. Can you imagine Motorstorm Apocalypse on PS5??

solideagle52d ago

eh? (confused). Not sure I understood Sony Loss here.

SlothLordPootus52d ago

When Sony closed Evolution studios a lot of the talent went to Codemasters. Sony lost a lost of good developers, and the best of the best are hard to come by.

DOMination-52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Not to mention, a lot of those Evolution folks had already transferred from Studio Liverpool when they were wrongly shut down. Also, as mentioned below, the Codemasters games will now go onto GamePass so this is a bit of a loss to Sony.

Timzster52d ago

Their loss, and now EA's gain from this acquisition.

bleedsoe9mm52d ago

More content for Gamepass as well

badboyz0952d ago

codemasters took the money and ran. EA only bought Code masters to stop Take-two from buying,

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The story is too old to be commented.