Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is Stumbling Onto Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One This Summer

From Xbox Wire: "So, big news: I’m super-delighted to share that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is officially coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One this Summer! Our whole team cannot wait to welcome Xbox players to the Blunderdome for all sorts of bean-based mayhem — it’s certainly been a while coming, but we’re here and couldn’t be happier.

To the uninitiated, Fall Guys is a massively-multiplayer “bumble royale,” where eager beans compete through Rounds of escalating chaos until just one victor remains. Set in the hyper-colorful Blunderdome, you’re tasked with tackling oodles of treacherous arenas, with each qualification bringing you one step closer to the coveted Crown."

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darthv7253d ago

This would be awesome if its full cross play between PS, Switch and XB

Jericho133753d ago

Hoping cross platform play will become standard during this generation.