The Division 2 Update Removes Visual Downgrade For PS5, Runs at Locked 60 FPS

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 received a next-generation patch for PS5 that actually downgraded the visuals, but this has been fixed now with an update.

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DerfDerf157d ago

Unfortunately they had to drop the resolution to achieve it.

Vanfernal157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Unfortunately my IQ dropped when I read your stupid comment.

wolf581157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Yeah just like yakuza did on whats your point..beyond that you just won the prize for the useless comment of the month

Darkborn158d ago

So they purposely downgraded the ps5 version. Doesnt surprise me.

stiggs158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

So you think that the "downgrade" was some king of conspiracy perpetuated by Ubisoft to intentionally hamper sales of their game and the PS5 console?

*looks at your condition history*

Ok, this all makes sense now.

SpineSaw157d ago

"So you think that the "downgrade" was some king of conspiracy perpetuated by Ubisoft to intentionally hamper sales of their game and the PS5 console"
(eyes roll to back of head)
No Bro... Ubisoft was only doing as their marketing partner Microsoft asks\ paid them to do and that was to downgrade the ps5 version. And because sales had nothing to do with this (old game) they agreed to do it.
End of story.

oof46157d ago

@Spinesaw: Yes, that makes even more sense. /s

TheRealTedCruz157d ago

Yeah. I mean ... it's Darkborn.

stiggs157d ago (Edited 157d ago )


I read you comment fully expecting to see the /s (sarcasm) indicator. Apparently you are being sincere. Hold on a second while I stop laughing. So is the...hold on, I'm still laughing.

So is the Conspiracy Club that you and Darkborn belong to advocate all crackpot schemes of just those related to video games?

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Darkwatchman158d ago

They didn’t. It was visual effects missing likely due to Sony’s less sophisticated BC. Whereas MS spent hundreds of thousands of hours testing every game, Sony didn’t so many games exhibit performance issues, bugs/glitches, crashes, etc...on PS5.

Since this was a patch via Backwards Compatibility, the missing effects were likely a byproduct of compatibility issues that the team didn’t notice until after launch

Orbilator158d ago

Can you smell the stuff that comes out of your mouth m8.

kryteris158d ago

agree. MS has much better support team for backwards compat.

Charlieboy333158d ago

Please explain how how Playstation's BC is less sophisticated when it works exactly like BC should i.e. you put in your disc and you can play the game ( over 800 ps4 games ). With Xbox, even if you have the disc you are screwed if the game isn't on the ''BC List" ( which isn't that long ). Even if it is on the list your disc is useless because you have to download the whole 'compatible' version of the game digitally anyway. So without internet or if you've reached your cap you're screwed. Yes, VERY sophisticated, Xbox. Plus there are even more PS2 and PS3 titles available on PS Now.....and there is no difference. Both PS Now and Xbox BC require internet to function.....whether you are streaming or downloading a 40 gig game. PS5 has the ONLY true BC with PS4 games via disc.So suck it.

boing1158d ago

It was a human error. When you're looking at a game for so long, your mind starts filling the blanks. It slipped through.

Fuzzybacon158d ago

So let’s say you are right. They spent hundreds of thousands hours testing this. Let’s break this down 365 days X 24 hours =8760 hours in a year. Divide that by 100,000 hours are left with 11.41 years of testing for each game. So 11 years ago the Xbox One was 3 years from launch. This has nothing to do with BC. It is all about stability and console architecture. Xbox has done a great job making previous and next gen like eachother. PlayStation has never been huge on that front but is IMO almost all ps4 games play on Ps5 is a great thing.

swifty1157d ago

How do you know so much about both company’s internal backward compatibility process? Are you an insider?? Or just a fanboy moron? Just shut up, you’re full of bullshit

Christopher157d ago

LOL. It's the PS4 Pro version that *had* them before the update on PS5 and removed them after the update.

WTF. This is just as dumb as Darkborn's comment.

yeahokwhatever157d ago

"hundreds of thousands of hours testing every game"

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Darkborn158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

So explain to me this guy's, why did they release something that looked and played worse than the ps4 pro for days? Why did they announce it before release and said it had these issues? Bunch of morons. You deserve to have no content on your platform of choice apparently. That's like a car manufactorer saying we're releasing a car with no tires and half the engine missing, but last year's models had the top of the line everything and it was cheaper. Before they deployed this patch, they released the notes and it had all these issues on ps5 listed. Why wouldn't they just push it back if it was unintended?

StoneyYoshi158d ago

"Why wouldn't they just push it back if it was unintended?"

Because it wasn't a gamebreaking bug? This shits not a conspiracy you need to decrypt. 😂 What in the world would they gain by making themselves look bad with their BC patch on one of the consoles? Should this make the XSX look better so people will buy it instead of the PS5? They chose the wrong game to bother doing that. 🤣

Silly gameAr158d ago


Don't let people on their high horses sway the opinion that you have. They try to act like shady shit doesn't happen in the industry, and try to jump down your throat, until something happens that they want to get up in arms about.

nickanasty206157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Common dude everybody without their fanboy shades on knows they didn't do that on purpose. Think about it, same thing happened with Dirt 5 on Series X and Assasins Creed Valhalla for Xbox Series X (Microsoft even having an AC Valhalla deal with Ubisoft). Guess what, it was fixed with a patch. Sometimes human error happens, shit in general happens, it was fixed, no need to get all twisted about it. Unbelievable these days how many conspiracies people spew out daily on here. Can we get back to a place in the middle somewhere where people aren't constantly thinking Microsoft or Sony are conspiring against one another with back-end deals?

157d ago
DerfDerf157d ago

No you ignoramus. In order to achieve those desired results that everyone complained about they had to drop the resolution down to match the PS4 Pro.

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Glad this was corrected quickly!

JCOLE13195158d ago

Awesome news. It wa a pretty odd that features on PS4 Pro were absent..

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