Will Ready 2 Rumble Revolution suck? Probably

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"Atari revealed yesterday that it would be publishing the first "Ready 2 Rumble" game in nearly a decade. "Ready 2 Rumble Revolution," which is slated for a spring 2009 release for the Wii, will be the first game in the over-the-top boxing franchise since "Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2? released for multiple platforms in 2000.

As a fan of arcade brawlers, you might expect me to be happier than a kid on Christmas morning. Honestly, for half an hour, I was ecstatic. Then I learned that "Revolution" will not be a revival of the classic boxing franchise. Rather, it appears that AKI, which developed "Def Jam Vendetta" and "WWF No Mercy," is going to simply slap the "Ready 2 Rumble" label on a craptastic flail fest.

I had high hopes for "Revolution," but not anymore."

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