GamerVision: Left 4 Dead Review

When playing with friends, Left4Dead gives the best cooperative experience in gaming, hands down. Nothing compares. The game is lacking a bit in terms of content, and more weapons and locations would definitely add to the experience, but nothing can take away from the sheer enjoyment value. Valve's newest might be one of their most masterfully crafted, and the attention to detail is impeccable. It might not win any game-of-the-year awards, but in terms of fun it might beat out anything else this generation has to offer.

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cmrbe3697d ago

from virtually everyone. It's not a MP only game with a pitiful SP and yet its getting 9's from most site.

solar3697d ago

Team Fortress 2 was a MP only title and it got the scores it deserved. Counter Strike is a MP only title and it got the scores it deserved. games are meant to be fun, which L4D is. free pass? laugh.

cmrbe3697d ago

L4D is NOT a MP only game. It has a short and pathetic SP. I would agree if the game is only MP but its not. Why should a game that has both SP and MP get a pass just because the MP is great?.

solar3696d ago

ask CoD4 that. it had a 5 hour SP and is mostly played for its MP.

cmrbe3696d ago

A game should be judge on all of its parts. If L4D was dev and advertised as a MP game only then its perfectly understandable. Reviews are just turning a blind eye about the terrible SP.

solar3696d ago

because the game was never advertised as a SP game. watch the TV commercials. its a MP game you can play by yourself.

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