Eurogamer: Geek Purgatory - Trapped in an all-night manga cafe with Japanese MMO

Eurogamer writes: "About six days after arriving in Japan, I found myself in Tokyo in the company of a suddenly homeless friend. Stuck without anywhere to stay, we ended up doing something many foreigners find themselves doing in a state of desperation when they don't have enough money for a hotel, and checked into an all-night manga cafe. Imagine rows of miniature computer booths, just slightly too small for the average Western frame, all lined-up side by side, their sleep-deprived, hunched-up inhabitants bathed in the same harsh, fluorescent glare of white strip-lighting at any time of day or night.

There are endless shelves of manga and wee PlayStations under the desks, and a caffeinated drinks dispenser in the corner, but at night-time all anyone is trying to do is catch a few moments of furtive sleep, slumped face-forward on the desks or hunched up against a wall. If you're forced to spend more than a few hours there it begins to feel like time has ceased and you're going to be stuck there forever surrounded by endless entertainment that your exhausted brain will never absorb."

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