Watch The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Gameplay on the Switch Right Here

Check out our first look The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD gameplay for the Nintendo Switch now.

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deadfrag56d ago

Look I like Nintendo games but at this point Nintendo is just banking on straight out ports from older generation to keep the Switch moving forward and that's lame... not even a simple remaster of textures is been made on this games and they slap top price for them,.. Lazy and greedy!

instantstupor55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I hear ya! I just looked it up & couldn't believe this game is being sold for $60! That is, simply put, disgusting. Plenty of older game collections would come out - notably PS2 collections getting the HD treatment - where you'd get 2 or 3 games for $40. This is getting the exact same "HD" treatment as those games, and it costs more as one game than those did as collections. Hell, Shadow of the Colossus got a from-the-ground-up remake on PS4, and it was $40!

This feels like the straw. I used to just be mildly annoyed by it, but the Switch has shown Nintendo's new direction, and I'm not a fan. Their game prices never drop on older games, their sales are never more that 33% off even years later, they re-release games at exorbitant prices, none of your older digital titles conveyed to the Switch (you can always rebuy though!), they don't add basic features people have been asking for since the beginning (FOLDERS!)...

After a couple of years owning the Switch, it became apparent that me & Nintendo weren't a great fit these days. Less and less of their first party titles seem to appeal to me, but even more than that is the fact the Switch is just too poor a value compared to all my other gaming platforms. And for 3rd party titles, many times you end up paying more for the least technically competent version; it's understandable for a handheld, but they aren't billed or priced as such. I'm certainly not saying my view is the right one - I'm sure plenty disagree with me, and I won't say you're wrong if you do. But, at least for me, this is how I'm feeling these days. My experiences and expectations formed by years of buying games & seeing how other platforms behave in the market...I guess I'm just disappointed with the direction it seems Nintendo is going. Just not for me.

Neonridr55d ago

ok, this isn't an airport. You don't need to announce your departure. Enjoy gaming elsewhere, you have every right to do it.

-Foxtrot55d ago


And he has a right to complain right here

He’s not even acting like a dick about it...

Don’t be like that because he’s calling Nintendo out

Ben Dover55d ago

Neonridr being butthurt as usual

NotoriousWhiz55d ago

Why would Nintendo release a game and sell it for less than people would buy it for? It'll start out at $60 and then probably be sold at a "whopping" 30% discount after a year or two. I encourage you to vote with your wallet. As all people should.

staticall54d ago

Sadly, voting with your wallet doesn't work anymore (at least, not with Nintendo). Nintendo have so many brain dead fanboys, that will buy anything Nintendo-related. Nintendo can literally release a piece of poop with Nintendo sticker on it and it will be sold out at release and buyers will be happy and call it «innovation». Remember that cardboard cutout with Nintendo logo that sold at $40+? On initial release, it was sold out everywhere, including online stores.

And their games go on sale VERY rarely and it's usually like $5 off. Where i leave, Breath of the Wild is on sale right now. You know how much it costs? $55. Regular price - $60. I'm not even joking, it's almost a 4 year old game.

But i don't blame Nintendo for doing this (selling this bare bones re-release for full price), they're smart, they know they can cut corners and people will buy it no matter what. I blame the customers. They're the reason this stuff will continue.

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iplay1up256d ago

Worst Zelda game I have played. I just couldn't do it.

phoenixwing55d ago

I felt the same way about botw

DivineHand12555d ago

For me Breath of the wild was the best Zelda game since the ocarina of time because of how different it was from the usual Zelda formula. I liked the game so much that I visited all the shrines, unlocked all the gear and defeated all the mini bosses before facing Ganon in the end.

I'm curious though, what part of botw you did not like because I would like to hope that nintendo checks online forums to see what people are saying about their games.

Highrevz55d ago

Wish I didn’t agree with you on this.
I don’t have high hopes for BotW2 but I’d love to be surprised by it.

-Foxtrot55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Funny because I dislike both as they go too far on each side they are on

Skyward Sword was repetitive but very linear, it restricted what you could do compared to past Zelda games and it felt like it was done with limited technology / development time. The game was basically, dungeon, boss, exit, heart container side mission, dungeon, boss rinse and repeat. Then you have the motion controls which was the icing on the cake.

Breath of the Wild was repetitive but far too open, so open that it was bland, lifeless, not much variety, the world was baron it most places. Again things from past Zelda games which made older titles so great were either not present or half arsed in this.

One was very linear and repetitive, the other was far too open and repetitive.

That sweet spot should be right in the middle and I think the last one I really enjoyed was Twilight Princess but the issue for that for me was the Wolf Link sections.

DefaultComment54d ago

@foxtrot you hate anything Nintendo produces whether is good or bad, so you aren't exactly any reference at all.

phoenixwing54d ago


Botw dungeons were too basic and the weapon breaking system was a hindrance to me

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Neonridr55d ago

maybe this time it'll be different since the motion controls won't be forced down your throat.

I'm excited to give it a go.

XXXL55d ago

Imagine Nintendo thinking this would satisfy the masses so close to Zelda’s anniversary. And charging $60. Nintendo is delusional.

neutralgamer199255d ago

Nintendo it's fans the journalists who are full of nostalgia will never call out any of this. This generation Nintendo has released more ports and remasters at full price than any other generation in history that I can think of

whitbyfox55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

That’s because you are a youngster. Nintendo games are better than the competition, so they are priced higher and they always keep their value like a Bentley vs a Ford.

Look at metacritic, best games of all time. You don’t remember Mario All~Stars i guess. And then Mario All-Stars plus Mario World.

They invented the remaster.

neutralgamer199255d ago


Sure I am younger but been gaming for 30+ years and that's bogus. Nintendo is the one company that has used the same IPS for the past 4 decades. How about backwards compatibility PlayStation 3 was backwards compatible with PlayStation 1 and Playstation 2. Nintendo never has complete backwards compatibility in within their systems because they want to resell those games as ports and repackaged as full price

if a game came out 20 years ago for 60 and they're releasing it again for 60 and you are defending it because the game on metacritic is sitting at 95 how is that a legit reason. It's a re-release that they could charge half price but they choose not to

Agent7555d ago

Nothing wrong collections, although SEGA have absolutely milked it with collections including the same crap each time. Wouldn’t be so bad with a Zelda collection that was bursting on the cart, but it’s a case of 3 games max.

BattleCat55d ago

So 50 minutes and we get this?

DarkZane55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I am no graphic whore, but come on, there is barely any improvement in that department over the wii version. It just look terrible.

I would really like an Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons remake, but I doubt it's going to happen.

Agent7555d ago

I bet Nintendo laughed when they blew the dust off the master copy and thought $60 a Switch card....

anonymousfan55d ago

OoT and MM on 3DS were bigger upgrades and each cost less... This is Nintendo but still I am a bit disappointed... I think I'll pass unless by some miracle there is a rapid price reduction.

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