Neon White Looks Uncanny and Stylish

If you're a fan of demons, demon-slaying, and drama going down in the afterlife, then Neon White is exactly what you're looking for.

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masterfox1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

cool I guess.

KDblack1214d ago

It's giving me Bleach vibes. How nostalgic...

SDuck1214d ago

Keep that nostalgia with you, Bleach is coming back boi!


Flat2VR Studios Is Working On PSVR2 Versions Of Select PS5 Games, Possibly Including Neon White

Flat2VR Studios is currently working on PSVR2 versions of select PS5 games, possibly including Neon White.

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Vits63d ago

Neon White in VR sounds like both a dream and a nightmare. It's a dream because it would look incredibly cool, but a nightmare because of how fast-paced and intense the game is. With its frenetic action, nausea could kick in pretty quickly.

Still, I hope it's true. The PS VR 2 is a solid piece of hardware, but it's lacking titles.

Babadook763d ago

This is a brilliant idea for a studio. Focus on porting titles to VR, there are a lot of candidates.

Richhard162d ago

What’s the point if Sony are opening the PC floodgates anyway? Everything will be compatible

Dfooster62d ago

well if you happen to own a PS5 but not a PC i am sure its quite a big deal

Babadook760d ago

That’s me. I have a ps5 and a Mac


"Neon White" is coming physically to the Nintendo Switch and PS5 this September (2023)

"iam8bit and distribution partner Skybound Games, together with publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Angel Matrix, have announced that demon-exterminating Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 physical editions for "Neon White" are now available for pre-order." (the game will start to ship this September) - Skybound Games, iam8bit, Annapurna Interactive, and Angel Matrix.


The Best Modern Card-Based Video Games

In no particular order, here are my top picks for the best modern card-based video games to play today.

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BrockEmSockEm341d ago

Inscryption (SPOILER)needs its own standalone from the first act. That part was so fun.

slayernz341d ago

Once you finish the game it opens up kaycees mod which focuses on act 1 gameplay...and is a blast

BrockEmSockEm334d ago

I finished the game and I must've missed that!