Mario Golf Super Rush Announced With New Trailer, Out June 25

During today's Nintendo Direct, Mario Golf Super Rush was announced with a new trailer and it's out June 25.

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Piggeroni58d ago

Wonder if they will skimp on the story mode or if it will be quite long

CDbiggen57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Not gonna lie, this is my most anticipated game from the direct lol. That four player speed golf mode looks fun as hell.

instantstupor57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

I always enjoyed Mario Golf titles, but these are the kind of products that I feel are ultimately best as slightly more "budget" titles. MG:WT was solid on the 3DS and felt like an excellent value at $30. Hot Shots Golf/Everybody's Golf on PlayStation has also mostly been a "budget" title, most recently launching for $40 on the PS4. They are pretty comparable, and I enjoy them both! $60 is too rich for my blood, unfortunately.

I'm aware I'm a more...price-sensitive buyer, but it kinda sucks knowing that I'll likely never play some of these games because - even after sales - they won't really get into a price range that feels appropriate *to me*. I mean, I'm still waiting for TLoU2 & GoT to hit $20 before I buy in lol. I know those will get there eventually, but Nintendo sticks to that "evergreen" strategy & so prices will stay high. And I keep my games, so resale doesn't factor in for me.

Anyone else feel that way about some of Ninty's releases? I'm certainly aware that I'm in the minority of Switch owners, but would at least like to know I'm not the only one that feels this way :-p

-Foxtrot57d ago

I find it hilarious this got a story mode first over Mario Kart, despite the success of a story mode in Crash Team Racing