Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Coming to Switch 2021

Fall Guys, the indie favourite from 2020 is coming to switch this summer according to a new trailer during the direct. I can’t wait to be playing with these cute characters on my favourite console.

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darthv7254d ago

Will it support cross play?

ZeekQuattro54d ago

The balls in Sony's court. We've seen how apprehensive they've became with cross play on the PS4 despite being all for it on the PS3.

jukins54d ago

Catch up....crossplay has been kinda standard since about 2 years you act like every game that offers crossplay DOESNT on playstation....

MetroidFREAK2153d ago

I hope it has cross-progression as well. I want all my PS5 costumes on Switch

Teflon0253d ago

Didn't do it with my PC and PS4 versions so probably not. But maybe adding when those versions come. Would be great

MetroidFREAK2152d ago

That's what I'm hoping for when they release the Switch/Xbox versions