Nidzumi: Mirror's Edge Review: Frustratingly Exhilarating

Nidzumi writes: "If past attempts are anything to go by, when a developer decides to put freerunning or parkour in a game it tends to outshine the rest of the experience. Last year we saw Assassin's Creed and that was a good freerunning simulation but everything else didn't really live up to the hype. This year EA are taking a crack at this relatively new sport of freerunning with Mirror's Edge. With a heavy heart, it has the same problems that Assassin's Creed had, with the freerunning segments by far out weighing the rest of the game.

You play as Faith in an unnamed totalitarian futuristic city as a courier of information for those who refuse to conform. After a quick prologue you soon get framed along with your sister for a murder you didn't commit. For all intents and purposes the story is interesting but starts to feel a bit rushed towards the end. The truth is that story kind of takes a backfoot to the real action."

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