Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to Smash Bros Ultimate

In the opening of the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced two new characters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pyra and Mythra from the Xenoblade Chronicles series.

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-Foxtrot52d ago

Yaaaaay. More sword fighters...


DEKUX1252d ago

Better the crash and trash sonic

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stupidusername52d ago

I really want Sora. But I’d be happy with Waluigi, Geralt, Dovahkiin, rabbids with guns and mario skins taken from mario + rabbids, Crash, someone from Tekken, that Portal woman or even a Monster Hunter character.

Zeldafan6452d ago

I'm not even much of a fighting game fan but I said I'd get Smash Ultimate if Pyra/Mythra were added. Well I said Rex and Pyra but Rex is still in her final smash.

stupidusername52d ago

That’s great, good for you!

Vanfernal52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Lame. Was hoping on Zagreus from Hades.

TheColbertinator52d ago

We needed to see Corey from Corey in the House

FallenAngel198452d ago

Why it seem that first party DLC characters in this series don’t nearly as much hype as the third party additions

Shiken52d ago

I think it has to do with the fact that 3rd party additions used to be extremely rare, but in Smash Ultimate they seem to have a stronger focus than ever. People see it as hope that their favorite character might be able to be added, even if it isn't a Nintendo character.

Vanfernal51d ago

It's not so much that it's first party. But people would rather see more iconic characters with a broader appeal than some that cater to a specific crowd. Only people who played Xenoblade Chronicles and are familiar with these characters would get excited. Same as the Fire Emblem characters. Yet put Waluigi in there and people would flip out.

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