Prince of Persia DS

As Prince of Persia makes it's way to the Nintendo DS, Ubisoft has released a new trailer showing just how the DS will handel this app..

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JimmyJames703699d ago

Yeah, this game has my full attention.

CrAppleton3699d ago

On all fronts at the moment. Can't wait for it to drop!

Neco5123699d ago

i dont think im going to get it on ds is it coming out on psp?

fan_of_gaming3699d ago

no it's not coming out on PSP unfortunately.

CrAppleton3699d ago

It is a shame.. They could have done so much with the PSP

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CrAppleton3699d ago

how this looks, it might be worth picking this one up along side the console version

Neco5123699d ago

i think ill stick to console versions

Qdog3699d ago

To pour dev time into what appears to be an Aladdin rehash? Come on, Ubisoft, you could have done so much more...Though that's not bad for the DS, and it looks to have some interesting platform mechanics.

bgrundman3699d ago

I think that it is awesome that they are trying to share the wealth with all platforms

TheColbertinator3699d ago

Its a shame the Wii isn't getting its own version.

CrAppleton3699d ago

You know.. they probably could have done quite a bit with the Wii

Neco5123699d ago

hahahahahahahah ha ha ha... sorry hahahaha

foo-193699d ago

would be good if the psp had it